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Data Center Build Work
How we work


A strong track record of delivering projects on-time, on-budget and to agreed quality.

An experienced team for data center build

All data center building projects in Green Mountain are managed by the Project team. This team is led by our Chief Project Officer and consists of Construction-, Project- and HSE managers. The construction managers spend most of their days on site, following the work closely and reporting back to project managers. Project managers, on the other hand, focus on project progress, orders, budget and client dialogue. They are supported by technical managers from the Design team who are responsible for the technical delivery of the project. Project managers coordinate multiple projects simultaneously, including both client projects as well as larger maintenance projects on site and overall infrastructure projects.

Detailed planning is the key

For larger projects, the Project team is involved early in the process, even before any contract is signed. This is to ensure that any challenges related to constructions are discovered as early as possible. However, the official hand-over from the Design team to the Project team is when the client contract is signed.

The Design team has then specified an overall budget and project plan for the data center build. Based on this information, the Project team members establish a project organization, create progress plans, hire subcontractors and external consultants if needed, organize component deliveries and negotiate prices with suppliers. In other words, they do all the detail planning. Making sure make that all the pieces of the puzzle fits according to budget and deadlines.

When the revised plans are approved, they present it to the client and together decide on a reporting and meeting schedule. A client’s involvement in the process varies according to size and complexity of project as well as client preferences. Some clients have their own projects organization and would like to be hands-on through the process. Other clients are satisfied with regular updates and reports during the project until hand-over.  

Green Mountain Employees planning a Design
Detailed planning is essential to deliver a succesful project.

Competent construction partners

To carry out the actual construction work we use different subcontractors. Over the years we have established strong relationships with them to ensure they meet our standards. A close cooperation with these subcontractors are a vital factor in our delivery success. Sometimes we also use turn-key contractors specifically for the buildings. However, when it comes to infrastructure to the site, this is always managed by Green Mountain. In fact, securing sufficient power, preparing land and infrastructure to the sites are also included in the Project team’s responsibilities. These long-term processes involve negotiations with landowner, utility companies, municipalities and so forth, and an important prerequisite before any type of construction can start.  

Competence, team work and trust. Those are the most important elements of a successful project delivery.

Helge Vareberg, Project Manager at Green Mountain

Hand-over to Operations

When a project draws to an end, the Operations team at Green Mountain is more involved. They are involved in commissioning  and connecting to existing infrastructure. The latter is especially important to avoid disruptions of existing operation of clients. As this team will take over the daily operations when the project is completed, the commissioning phase is a vital phase in preparing for that. In the official hand-over to Operations after the commissioning, they perform a final inspection and review the as-built documents. So. when the project is delivered to the client they can rest assured that the continued operations are in good hands.

Time-to-market in challenging times

Tight deadlines, equipment delivery delays, technical challenges, bad weather and lack of personnel. There are lots of obstacles that potentially can impact a data center build project. Especially in these uncertain times where the consequences of the pandemic and conflicts add an extra layer of complexity. For instance, equipment delivery times have increased fivefold and material costs are surging. Nevertheless, Green Mountain has managed to deliver on its commitments even in challenging times. Thanks to a progressive approach towards the suppliers, meticulous planning, cooperation with partners as well as a solid team.   

OSL-Enebakk Expansion completed
From the data center build site of OSL-Enebakk outside the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

Scandinavian management style and full transparency      

There are two unique features with Green Mountain’s project delivery that have contributed strongly to our success. Firstly, it is the Scandinavian work culture and management style. In Green Mountain, the chain of command is very short and incorporates a high degree of trust. The organization is very flat and decision-making authority is delegated. Both project- and construction managers are free to handle challenges as they see fit, without unnecessary reporting or bureaucracy. This makes them nimble, flexible and able to make quick decisions. The result is an organization that finds solutions to problems, make up for delays and meet agreed deadlines.

The second feature if transparency. We always tell our clients the truth, we don’t try to hide problems or find scapegoats. In complex projects there will always arise unforeseen situations. We inform the client immediately and together discuss options. The client possesses a lot of expertise as well and in cooperation we find the best solution. This approach also builds trust between us and the client and increases the chance of a successful delivery.

Our clients’ trust is vital to succeed. This is not something you can take or get, you have to earn it. And you build that trust over time, by being open and honest.

Terje Huseby, Chief Project Officer at Green Mountain