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Thomas Løken - Green Mountain - Data Center Design
How we work


Cost-effective and sustainable data center designs developed by a experienced team of experts.

Designed to meet expectations

A successful data center project starts with a good design. Whether it is a dedicated 50m2 data room or a build-to-suit multi-MW building, our Design & Tech team is ready to help you. They are involved all the way from the bidding process to the finished result. Why? To ensure we meet the clients’ technical requirements as well as their time-to-market and budget expectations.

Cost, sustainability and time-to-market

A simplified version of our overall work process is divided into three phases: Design, Build and Operations. Our Design and Tech team, led by our CTO, is responsible for this first part of the journey. They are involved as early in the pre-sale process as possible to make sure we understand the needs of the client and can suggest a suitable design. In our experience, clients want a cost-effective design delivered as soon as possible but without compromising on sustainability.  That is also why we involve our sustainability manager early in the process. He helps us consider all the various elements that can impact sustainability to ensure we make the most sustainable decisions. This includes everything from optimizing energy-efficiency, location and work methods to choice of building material and equipment etc.  As a result, we get a systematic and holistic approach to designing sustainable solutions.  

Recognized standards and well-proven designs

When we work on new designs we always base them on the current industry standards for data centers. We work according to ASHRAE, Uptime Institute, EN 50600 etc. in addition to clients’ specific requirements. We often start with a well-proven reference design that we have developed previously. Green Mountain has developed several concept designs that are both flexible and scalable. We then customize it to fit the client, understanding that “one size does not fit all”. Nevertheless, we also try to guide the client to find an optimal solution, both in terms of technology choices, site selection, tier standards, cooling optimization etc. Flexibility is the key word. Based on experience, we know that if we put sufficient resources in this design planning phase the next steps of the project runs much more smoothly.

Hand-over to the Build and Operation teams

When a data center design has been decided, contract signed and planning completed it is time to hand over the project to the Project & Build team. However, technical managers from the Design team continues to support the project through construction and then commissioning. The commissioning phase is an important part of the job. In the end, the Design Team is responsible for the technical delivery according to requirements. Moreover, the design team is also involved in the final hand-over to the client and the Operations team, making sure they can manage the daily operations efficiently.

Our established design processes secures flexibility and scalability for all clients

Alexander de Flon Rønning, Design and product manager.

Strong partner and suppliers

In addition competent internal resources, a good project is also dependent on an eco-system of reliable suppliers and partners. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with suppliers that deliver high-quality consistently. We can mention companies like Cowi, CTS Nordic, Vertiv and Schneider Electric. In addition to many more that you can explore on our partner page.

SVG1-Stavanger Outside View
Outside view of Green Mountain’s mountain hall facility outside the city of Stavanger on the west-coast of Norway.