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Data Center Connectivity


Strategic location, supplier-neutral, access to a wide range of local and international network operators.

Data center connectivity

Connectivity is a critical element to a data center and it is all about speed and route diversity. Green Mountain’s facilities are carrier-neutral data centers, offering multiple fiber providers. Consequently, our clients can get the fastest, lowest traffic and most direct route possible.  

Is Norway too far away?

A common misperception is that Norway is on the far outskirts of Europe. That is to say, high latency times and limited route options. If you rewind 10 years, that was probably true. However, due to recent investments in subsea fiber infrastructure this is no longer the case. Several new projects have recently been completed and additional projects are under construction. For instance, the NO-UK cable was completed in in 2021. It now links our SVG-Rennesøy site directly with Newcastle in the UK. Download the report on networks and connectivity in Norway for more information at he bottom of the page.

Low latency to Europe

When it comes to latency, we can actually reach 54% of businesses in Europe within 20 ms roundtrip. And almost 100% within 50ms. As an example, London is less than 12 ms away from our Rennesøy facility.  In other words, our facilities in Norway are not only fit for HPC and backup/recovery workloads. We can also can support typical client workloads like Content Delivery Network, Cloud based application use and IoT Data Aggregation to name a few. Looking at the map, Norway has a very strategic location in terms of reaching both continental Europe, the UK and the US.  More and more clients realize that their data does not have to be in one of the traditional FLAP-D hubs. Instead, they can place it in locations where they also get cost and sustainability benefits without compromising on connectivity.

Options and Flexibility – Green Mountain enables cloud connectivity and interconnection between multiple telecommunication carriers and colocation providers. Offering customers the option to switch providers and avoid vendor lock-in.

Meet-Me Rooms – We have established fully redundant meet-me-rooms in different parts of each facility for carriers with diverse fiber paths to them. Dedicated meet-me-rooms are available for customers with such requirements.

Find Your Perfect Fit – All customers benefit from our relationship with network providers. We have access to the most competitive services and pricing options.

Resilience Augmented – A carrier-neutral data center encourages customers to abide by IT best practices. Building redundancy and resilience by having two or more network providers. Additionally, our dual path dark fibers allow for redundancy and uptime guarantee.

Latency times: Oslo Stavanger
Frankfurt 14.4 14.1
London 14.9 11.6
Amsterdam 12.6 16.3
Paris 19.9 17.4
Dublin 18.2 12.1

Our network partners

Head over to the partner page to see the full list of our partners on connectivity.