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DC1-Stavanger - The Green Mountain seen fron the fjord

Why Green Mountain

Green Mountain operates some of the world’s greenest data centers. The location in Norway allows natural conditions to support extremely energy-efficient operation of data centers. With a low PUE, 100% renewable energy and heat-reuse projects in development, Green Mountain is setting the green standard in the industry.

Moreover, Norway’s abundance of clean renewable hydropower comes at Europe’s lowest cost. The country also offers excellent infrastructure and connectivity. With a highly competent workforce and stable framework conditions it makes the perfect location for your data center.

In Green Mountain we put an emphasis on operational excellence. Since the inception of the company, we have maintained 100% uptime with no breaches of SLA. We pride ourselves on being transparent towards our customers. Since 2013 we have offered our clients real-time insight into the performance of their data rooms through the award winning Green Peak dashboard and reports.

If your concern is security, be rest assured. The SVG-Rennesøy site is built deep within a Norwegian mountain, ready to withstand both natural disasters and massive physical attacks. Furthermore, all sites are protected through a number of security measures like intelligent video surveillance, biometric access control, security personnel and so forth.

Our flexible solutions can support clients from the rack-by-rack level, all the way up to multi-MW installations. There is room to easily grow or scale back as your needs change.
You can read more about why Green Mountain is a good choice for clients emphasizing sustainability, quality and flexibility at an affordable cost.



A data center in Norway runs on renewable energy at Europe’s lowest cost.
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Reduce operational costs through world-class power usage efficiency, Europe’s lowest prices on hydropower and beneficial taxation.
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We deliver 100% data centre uptime with up to Tier III resilience.
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Scale on demand and flexibility to choose technology solutions.
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Physical and operational data center security with certified security standards.
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Recent developments in fiber connections make Norway closer than you think.
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Renewable Power

Abundant supply of renewable hydropower.
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CO2 Calculator

How much CO2 can you save?
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Heat Reuse

Innovative projects on heat reuse.
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Waste Management

Supporting Cirular Economy principles.
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Tailoring the design to the client's specific requirements.
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Strong track record of delivering projects on-time, on-budget and to agreed quality.
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Smart hands services 24/7/365 by a highly qualified team.
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