Green Mountain?

Why Green Mountain

Green Mountain offers the world’s greenest data centres. Green Mountain are located in Norway, which are fortunate with natural conditions tailor made to support build and operation of data centres.

In Green Mountain we have utilized the favourable natural conditions to build what has been recognized in the industry as one of the world’s most sustainable and energy efficient data centres.

Energy efficiency and sustainability has grown in importance for our clients, and many enterprises all over the world have signed up to deliver on commitments in science based targets, or followed large enterprises like Facebook, Oath, Autodesk and more in delivering on the “Future of Internet Power” principles. Green Mountain was the first European co-location provider to sign these principles and delivering on these principles is paramount to what we do in Green Mountain. We are one of the very few data centres who are and can deliver our services 100 % carbon neutral.

Sustainability is a fantastic driver, but for most client the ability to deliver cost efficiency is equally important – and with Norwegian world leading energy costs of around US $ 0.03 per kW and our innovation in use of the Norwegian natural conditions to cool our data centres, we can deliver high quality services with optimal cost structure.

Operational Excellence has always been a driver both when infrastructure was designed and built, but also when building operational procedure and systems. Green Mountain has been built to the highest global standards and was the first North European Uptime Institute Certified Tier III installation. Ever since the first day of operation, our data centres have delivered a service level of 100% uptime! Our team of data centre experts are working proactively to ensure safe operations of the infrastructure in the facilities and have in-depth experience of solving challenges for companies whose uptime of infrastructure is business critical.

Our data centres are staffed 24/7/365. Sleep easy knowing that our experienced, on-the-ground staff carry out tests and maintenance on your behalf. While putting you first with immediate customer support.