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Data center solutions to support your growth and strategic choices.

Accomodating different and changing requirements

Flexibility is one of the key components we provide to our clients. Very rarely, two clients have the exact same needs. In addition, we acknowledge that the needs of a client changes over time. That is why we offer flexibility in our data center solutions. Both in terms of our services and technology as well as in capacity scaling. When we build our data centers we also see flexibility as an important sustainability initiative. Beacuse when we optimize according to changing needs there is less need to refit, rebuild or build new. This flexibility ensures predictability and minimizes both  your and our risk.

Scalability in both directions

Most clients take a long-term approach when choosing a colocation provider. The ideal provider must not only cater to current needs but also future requirements. A client may grow over time, sometimes fast and sometimes more gradually. Either way, it is important that the provider can offer options for scale, both in terms of space, infrastructure and power.

Moreover, many clients have implemented a hybrid cloud strategy and shift workloads in and out of the cloud. This means that they sometimes need to scale down certain installations as well. In other words, todays’ clients need elastic services that can support scalability in both directions.

We build all Green Mountain sites with scalability in mind. We plan for growth and make sure that there is both land and power available for expansions. Furthermore, there is always capacity within the facilities to increase smaller workloads. We can deliver new data rooms in only a few weeks’ notice, but you can scale down as quickly as well.  

Fluid Capacity Model for large workloads

For our larger clients, Green Mountain’s answer to the scalability challenge is the Fluid Capacity Model. This concept enables capacity to be fluently distributed across multiple locations. This is a good option for clients with larger footprints. In short, a given total capacity is spread across several locations. Then, according to the client’s changing requirement, the capacity can be relocated and distributed between these given locations. This enables secured reserved capacity on demand and will significantly reduce deployment times and the complexity of planning.    

Flexibility of choice   

Data center flexibility is not only about the ability to scale fast. It is also about options. How rigid or flexible are the services that are offered? In Green Mountain we focus on adapting to clients’ requirements. Whether you need flexibility in your data center design, technology, locations or connectivity providers, Green Mountain is ready to find a solution. We try not to force clients into a “box” that fits us, but rather adjust our offering to the extent that is possible.

Popular topics

Here are a few examples of flexibility topics we often discuss with clients:

  • When time-to-market is the main concern – we can support different deployment models to accommodate your timeline.
  • If you don’t need Tier III level on quality – we can offer lower tier levels or a combination of Tier levels to suit your needs while reducing cost and complexity.  
  • If you have complex requirements concerning low or higher density – we have built our data centers to cater to different demands, densities and cooling options (air/water or combination)
  • If you are uncertain about your needs and have a low risk for tolerance – we can offer proof-of-concept models.
  • If connectivity is critical – we have a wide range of fiber providers to support you, as well as platforms to enable cloud connectivity. As a carrier-neutral data center, there is no risk of vendor lock-in.
  • Do you have personnel that needs to be on-site or do you want to handle everything remotely? – At Green Mountain you are welcome to do both. We can support you with remote-hands services or you can have your personnel on-site for shorter or longer periods.

To sum up, Green Mountain has a “can do” philosophy and has established an organization, services and work methods to support flexibility in any way. In fact, we see that this approach often results in solutions that are most cost-effective compared to more standardized offers.

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Together we find a solution that fits the client today, but also gives room for scalability and changing requirements in the future.