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SVG1-Stavanger Data Center viewed from the fjord

The Green Standard

Creating the world’s most sustainable data centers

100% renewable power, world-leading energy efficiency and pilot projects on heat reuse. It is all part of our holistic approach to support data center sustainability.

100 %

Renewable Power

4.9 g

CO2/kWh IT-load

86 %

Waste sorted and recycled


Average PUE

Since the inception of the company, Green Mountain has had the ambition of “Setting the green standard” in the data center industry. This entails that we want to establish ourselves as being the most energy-efficient data center company in the market, powered by 100% renewable energy and with close to zero CO2 footprints. We incorporate environmental data center sustainability in all aspects of our business – in the construction of data centers, in the operation of the data center and in the future, when decommissioning a data center. Our vision statement requires us to be the front-runner on data center sustainability. We want to be the company that pushes the needle and challenges the status quo. Please read more about what we do on renewables, heat reuse and waste management. You can even try our CO2 calculator to find out how much CO2 your company can save by moving your data load to Green Mountain.

green-standard-bg green-standard-bg

Sustainability Reports

ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance.

The concept of sustainability encompasses not only environmental considerations, but the whole range of ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance. Working on sustainability performance therefore involves all parts of our organization, from Operations to HR. In addition, we need to engage our clients, partners, and neighbors on this journey. We will achieve much more through collaboration.

An important tool to reach our objectives is our annual sustainability report. By publishing both our plans and ambitions as well as achievements and shortcomings we can be held accountable towards our stakeholders. In addition, it supports our internal processes and activities to constantly improve our performance. The report covers the topics of Energy, GHG emissions, Waste, Water, Biodiversity, Social responsibility, and Governance and is produced according to the GRI-standards.

Below our Chief Sustainability Officer, Torkild Follaug, presents the 2023 Green Mountain Sustainability Report.

The Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact gives us valuable discussions, insights and know-how across European players in our industry, with a clear ambition to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.
Torkild Follaug, Chief Sustainability Officer