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Waste Management

Sustainable waste management and end-of-lifecycle services for ICT equipment.

Proper data center waste management

Sustainable data center waste management is a central part of a broader circular economy. At Green Mountain’s sites we sort and recycle the waste with a target sorting rate of >80%. We sort our waste by the following categories: wood, residual waste, metal, plastics, cardboard/paper, glass, electronics, organic, chemicals and hazardous waste. Waste bins and containers are placed at each site and clearly marked. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” is the attitude among our employees. We don’t send remaining materials to landfill but for incineration facilities for district heating instead. Read more about our objectives and targets for waste management in our Sustainability Report.

Reuse of ICT equipment

Apart from the waste generated by operations and construction projects, our clients need to decommission some of their ICT equipment. The reuse, repair and recycling of servers, electrical equipment and other related electrical components is a priority for us.

As a service to our clients, we have partnered with CHG-Meridian, to make it easier to reuse and/or recycle ICT-equipment when it reaches its End Of Life cycle.

CHG-MERIDIAN offers a full range of services relating to secure data erasure, decommissioning and remarketing of ICT-equipment. They can also offer a complete Lifecycle Management Solution.

CHG-MERIDIAN handles the used equipment in the most environmentally friendly way. The company offers a one-stop service from collection to remarketing, and clients can count on competent advice at all times. They can make recommendations on whether and how to optimize data erasure based on the latest technologies.

Data Center Waste Management - Recycling ICT equipment at CHG-Meridian
From CHG-Meridians Service Center.

Data erasure based on your safety requirements

The choice of erasure process is determined by the degree of protection required. Are you dealing with general data? Do your storage media contain highly sensitive and secret data? Does your top secret data require a particularly high level of protection? In short: erase or destroy?

CHG-MERIDIAN offers a precise and cost-effective erasure solution. Tailor-made to clients’ devices, data, and security requirements, and with the aim of realizing the highest possible residual value for the assets.

The process, eraSURE®, at the Technology Center in Norway, is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and NSM-compliant.

Read more about the data erasure solutions here.

CHG-Meridian Service Center
From CHG_MERIDIAN’S Facilities.

Decommisioning and remarketing

When a client needs to decommission equipment, they decide to recycle the materials or, if there is sufficient residual value, sell it for reuse.  As one of Europe’s largest and best known IT resellers, CHG-MERIDIAN can help earn maximum revenue on clients’ IT equipment by  adopting an environmentally friendly remarketing solution.

CHG-MERIDIAN will facilitate the collection of  old assets and transport it safely to their service center. After data erasure they purchase the returned equipment based on the market defined fair price. The results are beneficial both from an economic and environmental perspective. Read more about Remarketing here.

Sometimes the equipment has simply seen its final day. Then, CHG-MERIDIAN makes sure that all the equipment they collect is recycled in accordance with WEEE directives. Moreover, certification will be provided for any assets disposed of on a client’s behalf.

Total lifecycle management solutions

In conclusion, CHG-MERIDIAN is a leading provider of Lifecycle Management solutions for ICT equipment in Europe. They can find a solution that fits the client’s needs and budget. Read more here or contact Green Mountain for more information and quote at service@greenmountain.no.

Data Center Waste management - Tecnician sorting waste
A Green Mountain technician sorting plastic waste at a data center.