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Operation Technician at work
How we work


Smart hands services 24/7/365 by a highly qualified team.

A reliable team for data center operations

Operation delivers sustainable and efficient data center services with 100% availability. We operate secure, concurrent maintainable facilities with fault-tolerant electrical and mechanical infrastructure. Furthermore, these services receive high client satisfaction scores in our annual survey.

At the core of Operations you find the Green Mountain people. This team of data center infrastructure engineers and technicians deliver operational excellence with the highest relevant competence and enthusiasm. Our HSE is based on zero mindset -> zero injuries. Their number one priority is to deliver 100% availability. They monitor equipment and processes such as power and cooling. They perform maintenance work and regular inspections. In addition, they function as the extended team of our clients. We know that our clients need a partner they can trust to perform accurate and speedy work on their behalf. In addition to the mandatory services already included for all our clients, we can offer a range of optional data center services.

The service management team

All clients in Green Mountain are supported by the Service Management Team. Clients have a dedicated contact person who is responsible for the client relationship and communication flow. This contact person has the overall picture and can assist with any type of request. Moreover, they are also responsible for the regular reporting and status meetings with the client. This approach fosters a trusted relationship, and we consistently receive high client satisfaction scores on these services in our annual survey.

Data Center Operation Technician at work
Data Center Operation Technician at work

Data center operations services

Green Mountain delivers remote hands services 24/7/365. The team can perform a wide range of activities from basic IMACD services, logistics, and access to support and troubleshooting. In addition, our Design team can offer more advanced services like design and project management.

Here are examples of data center operations services we can provide:

IMACD data center services

IMACD stand for: Installation, Move, Add, Change and Disposal. For example, this can include:  

  • Unpacking devices
  • Installation and connecting servers
  • Removal of packing equipment
  • Documentation
  • Packing of device
  • Coordinating transportation
  • Changing the hardware configuration of an existing configuration
  • Removal of hardware
  • Disconnecting device cables
  • Delivery to the collection point

Logistics services

We can also perform tasks relating to logistics:

  • Goods delivery handling
  • Goods delivery transportation
  • Waste handling

Smart-hands services

Furthermore, smart-hands services are available 24/7/365.

  • Cabling and patching
  • Clinical Cleaning inside data room
  • Trobleshooting
  • Check hardware status
  • Replace hardware
  • Cabling
  • Restart of equipment

Our services can be ordered through our Customer Portal when needed, or they can be included in the client’s contract.

Data Center Operations - Logistic services
Operation technicians performing logistic services.

Meet the team

Finally, do you want to know the people behind the Data Center Operations team? Then, have a look at our Employees page.

Group photo - Green Mountain Employees
Some of our operation technicians together with our CPO at SVG-Rennesøy data center.


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