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Flexible, secure and green data center colocation services. Rack by rack, cages and separate data rooms.

Flexible solutions and rapid deployment

Whether you need a single rack, a cage or dedicated data room, Green Mountain has a solution. We can even support dedicated multi-MW data center requirements with our build-to-suit services. For our data center colocation services we offer rapid deployment models. Ensuring that your mission-critical infrastructure is up and running in 90-120 days.

Explore our different data center colocation services below. We invoice power by usage and include basic services like security, preparation rooms, waste handling etc. In addition, we offer a wide range of optional colocation services, and also build-to-suit for larger client requests.  

Rack by rack

The “Rack by Rack” colocation services are delivered from a common area in the data center where a shared rack solution is established. In other words, the rack containment is shared between multiple clients on a rack-by-rack basis. The minimum unit for this solution is one (1) rack.

The following elements are included in rack-by-rack service:

  • Rack 42U x 120 (depth) x 60 (width) *
  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU) x 2 per rack
  • Floor space
  • Cable trays for network cabling
  • Blanking panels (for unused rack units positions)
  • Combination lock for rack
  • Power terminals installed at the busbar for connecting the PDU (tapoff unit)
  • Hot aisle containment
  • Complete installation


We also offer private colocation cages for clients requiring additional privacy and security, but within the shared colocation space. Moreover, we provide turnkey services to build the cage, supply power & service connection. Cages are suitable for clients requiring 4 to 20 racks.

Data rooms

Power and service connection to a separate room where the client can set-up the room as they wish and install their cabinets. If required, Green Mountain can assist in planning the room set-up and installing equipment. This solution offers higher security and is suitable for customer requiring 20 racks or more. The smallest room size starts from 50m2.

Inside a colocation data room
From inside a data room at Green Mountain.