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About Us

About Green Mountain

Green Mountain designs, builds and operates highly secure, innovative, and sustainable colocation data centers in Norway. The data centers operate on low cost 100% renewable power and the use of free cooling creates high power efficiency.

Data centers

We currently operate three data center campuses in Norway. First, the SVG1-Rennesøy just outside Stavanger. Secondly, the RJU1-Rjukan in Telemark and then OSL1-Enebakk just 20km outside the capital. The data centers are Tier III certified by Uptime Institute for design and facility. All data centers run on 100% renewable power and Norway has the lowest price level on electricity combined favourable taxation rules. Existing customers include large international companies. For instance within Cloud, Banking/Finance, HPC, Automotive and more.

Satisfied customers

Above all, the most important goal of our business is satisfied customers. We have delivered data center services with 100% uptime since day one. Furthermore, we are very transparent about the quality of our services to our customers. In other words, trust is fundamental to our business. Security is at the highest level, and the company holds several ISO certifications.

Competent employees

Our enthusiastic and skilled team of data centre engineers, technicians and service managers operate our data centers. We aim to be the most professional data center operator in the market. Therefore, we encourage knowledge and training to raise the skill of our personnel. Operational efficiency is achieved through extensive use of automation. This entails a well-built and maintained infrastructure with a high degree of autonomy, fault tolerance and self-healing capabilities. Moreover, Green Mountain holds both a ISO 9001 Quality management and ISO 14001 Environmental management certifications.