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Data Center Technician checking a sensor


Data Center Infrastructure Management that gives real-time insight into key deliverables of data rooms.

Full transparency

Data Centers use DCIM tools to monitor, report and analyze the infrastructure performance of their facilities. Green Mountain’s DCIM system is fully integrated with more than 155’000 sensors/measurement points in the data centers, giving us unique insight. We share this insight with our clients through Green Peak. This is our award-winning real-time dashboard solution – securing 100% transparency of the delivery.

In Green Mountain we have developed a culture where operational excellence is at the core of everything we do. To support this culture, we have built an operational framework through our DCIM system. It gives us a holistic view of our data centers’ performance so that energy, equipment, and floor space are used as efficiently as possible.

The Green Peak solution

When we started delivering our services to our clients back in 2013, we quickly found that clients also wanted the same insight. As a result, we developed and launched the Green Peak solution.

The DCIM system feeds Green Peak with real-time data of all key deliverables like PUE, temperature, humidity, O2-level, and power consumption.  It even provides real-time insight into the cost of power and carbon footprint. The data is presented in a dashboard solution via a standard web user interface. As a result, our customers can monitor, control, and configure their data center rooms remotely.

Trend analysis

Green Peak also gives the client access to detailed historical data about the data center performance. The client can view different visual presentations of this data. With this analytical capability, clients can analyze performance data relating to power consumption, capacity utilization, PUE and so forth over longer time periods.

Monthly reporting

Clients can access the dashboard and retrieve reports at any time. However, the system also generates an automatic monthly report. The report provides details on all aspect of the technical space and the performance against SLA.

Truls Dishington, COO, with DCIM system.
COO, Truls Dishington, emphasizes that our DCIM system is a critical part of operations.