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Inside a data room

Data Centers

Green Mountain currently operates four different data center sites in Norway and the UK. Moreover, we are continuously developing new sites. The first original data center is located at Rennesøy outside Stavanger in the western part of Norway. The second site is in the valley of Rjukan, Telemark. The third is located 20km outside Oslo, the Norwegian capital. Each site has multiple power feeds and capacity ranging from 25 MW to 75 MW.

With their unique set of features and benefits they meet the needs of very different clients. Most importantly, with four data centers located in different geographical and climatic zones, we can offer geographic redundancy. But still leverage the advantage of integrated network infrastructure. Whether you need a single rack or a dedicated multi-MW data center, Green Mountain has a data center solution for you.

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Flexible, secure and green data center colocation services. Rack by rack, cages and separate data rooms.
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Build to suit

Green Mountain offers build-to-suit options designed to meet specific requirements.
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Cooling is critical to data center operations. At Green Mountain, we use the natural conditions of a wet and cold climate to our benefit.
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100% renewable hydropower, from a reliable grid at Europe’s lowest cost.
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Strategic location, supplier-neutral, access to a wide range of local and international network operators.
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World-class physical data center security including biometric ID, video surveillance, mantraps and more.
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Data Centre Infrastructure Management that gives real-time insight into key deliverables of data rooms.
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