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Green Mountain expands capacity at data center in Norway

DC2-Telemark Expansion

Green Mountain adds 4,5 MW of capacity to its existing data center facility at Rjukan in Norway. The DC2-Telemark expansion is a build-to-suit project for a new world-known international client. The construction is estimated to be completed in September 2022 and strengthens the site as a High Performance Computing cluster.
Green Mountain continues to experience demand from international clients who want to move their workloads to highly sustainable locations. Recently, Green Mountain signed a new contract for a build-to-suit project at DC2-Telemark. To accommodate this client, a world-renowned brand who prefers to be anonymous, we are both customizing an existing building at the site as well as expanding the building itself. The construction work started immediately after contract signing and includes expanding the existing building with another 300 sqm. Moreover, Green Mountain adds 4.5MW of new electrical and mechanical capacity to facilitate the new customer’s installation as well as its future growth plans.

DC2-Telemark Expansion for HPC Cluster

“We are very excited to have this new client on-board with Green Mountain. The client will use the facility for high performance computing, something that this site is very well suited for. DC2-Telemark is in the middle of a valley that produces 5% of the country’s electricity. And it is all based on 100% renewable hydropower.”, commented CEO of Green Mountain, Tor Kristian Gyland.
With this new expansion, Green Mountain will continue to build expertise in supporting HPC customers with onsite installations, day-to-day operations, and project management. As a result, we will strengthen the onsite team with 7 new field engineers.

DC2-Teleamrk Expansion
The DC2-Teleamark site is in the valley of Rjukan, close to several large hydropower plants.

Heat Reuse Project

Only 800m form the site, Hima Seafood has started the construction of the world largest onshore trout farm. When set in operation in 2023, it will use the excess heat from Green Mountain’s facility. In return, the data center will receive cold water to cool the data halls again. This true circularity project will further support the client in reaching its sustainability targets.
“We see that DC2-Telemark is becoming an attractive alternative for international corporations looking for sustainable, scalable, and cost-efficient solutions. We expect significant growth at this site in the coming months. Having an established HPC ecosystem enables us to retain and build knowledge to support our clients’ need of world-class smart-hands services at site.” CSO of Green Mountain, Svein Atle Hagaseth adds.