Virtual Reality

VR Data Center Tour

Have you ever wondered what a data center looks like inside? Now you have the chance to take a sneak peek!  You can choose between our underground data center facility outside Stavanger or our facility in Telemark. Please contact to get access to the virtual reality data center tour, or you can send a request by using our contact form here. 

VR Data Center Tour DC1-Stavanger


VR Data Center Tour DC2-Rjukan


The VR experience has been developed by Teatime Research, a Helsinki-based company specializing in virtual reality solutions. You can read more about the project here. In addition to this web version of the VR experience you can also try the full 3D experience if you meet us at a trade show/conference or in a meeting. Most of Green Mountain’s clients are international and this is a great tool to let people visit the data center without travelling to Norway. The data center tour highlights the key locations within the facilities and gives the viewer an overview of the data center. When using the full experience you can “walk around” and explore the data center at your own pace. This web version is meant to give you a first impression. Feel free to contact us if you would like to try the full experience or an actual site visit.