– 100% Uptime

100% Data Centre Uptime

We deliver 100% data centre uptime with up to Tier III resilience. Green Mountain has been built to the highest global standards, and since the first day of operation, our data centres have delivered a service level of 100% uptime!

Tier III Data Centre

Our team of data centre experts are working proactively to ensure safe operations of the infrastructure in the facilities and have in-depth experience of solving challenges for companies whose data centre uptime of infrastructure is business critical. Since all our clients have unique business service and support requirements, our team is committed to providing personalized services to our clients’ operational needs.

Several independent power supplies ensure that Green Mountain always has an abundant power supply, both now and in the future. The cooling and electrical infrastructure are duplicated so that the data centres are operational both during scheduled maintenance and in the event of any unforeseeable faults within our infrastructure. Additionally, our facilities are Uptime Institute Tier III certified, which sets the standard for international best practices in building and operation of “rock-solid” data centres.

Our quality of operation is thoroughly documented through continuous and real-time measurements. We provide our clients with in-depth reporting, and they can track their environment within our real-time analysis system, providing direct, in-depth information about infrastructure and the environment in the data centres.

Robust design, no downtime for your critical IT

The data centres are robust from a physically, mechanical and electrical infrastructure perspective. These reasons include:

  • Cooling and electrical equipment is duplicated and can be maintained without servers being affected
  • Simple, robust cooling solution because there are few components to fail
  • Multiple grid power supplies and automatic standby generators
  • We offer Service Level Agreement of 99.982 – 99.999% uptime


  • Service Level of 100% Uptime
  • Cooling and electrical equipment is duplicated
  • Simple robust cooling solution
  • Multiple grid power supplies
  • Automatic stand by generators