Building a Data Center

Behind the scenes at DC3-Oslo

Building a data center is a complex task. The past 12 months the DC3-Oslo data center has been constructed at Enebakk, 20 km outside the capital of Norway. What does it really take to build a state-of-the-art data center? Why did Green Mountain decide to build at Enebakk? What challenges did the project pose? Who will work there? In the timeline below we have highlighted the milestones of the project and gone behind the scenes of this exciting project.

Project Timeline

This timeline shows you the most important milestones of the project.


September 2019

The official start of the construction project was on September 1st. CEO, Tor Kristian Gyland, showed the Mayor of Enebakk Municipality around at the site.

Green Mountain Oslo Expansion DC3

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September 2019

Temporary site offices established at site

Employee number one

Espen Bøe is the site manager at DC3-Oslo. He was the first employee at the site and has been responsible for recruitng the operations team. We had a chat with him about his first impressions of the site and what he thinks is important when building a new team.

October 2019

Building a data center requires substantial blasting of mountain rock at site.
Building a data center - DC3-Oslo Construction Site
DC3-Oslo Construction Site
Building a data center - DC3-Oslo Ground Work
DC3-Oslo Ground Work

November 2019

  • Ground work for external plant yard and buidling foundation
  • Lay asphalt to barracks rig
  • Steel construction in place
  • Roofing work starting

FUN FACT: We had to plow snow to be able to cast

Building a data center - DC3-Oslo Construction Site Overview
DC3-Oslo Construction Site Overview

December 2019

Construction Status Video

This video was shot in December 2019 and shows you an update from construction phase 1 at Enebakk.

Interview with Chief Technology Officer

Ole Sten Volland is the CTO of Green Mountain and has been heavily involved in the project. We asked him three quick questions about building a data center at this new site.

Ole Sten Volland in Green Mountain

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February 2020

Construction Status Video

Despite the winter weather, the data center is rising. This video gives you a 5 month status of the construction.

March 2020

The Operations Team:

The first employees of the Operations Team were recruited in March. Let us introduce one of them; Mr. Øivind Back

Speciality: High Voltage Power

Fun fact: He is a powerlifting champion with two Norwegian records in equipment-free squats. And he also loves gardening!

The team is growing

The Operations Team is growing with new members. Let us present one of them; Mr. Espen Losoa

Speciality: Cooling

Fun fact: He worked as a power plant manager for many years – even at the Svalbard island in the Arctic Ocean!

April 2020

  • Weathertight building
  • Roofing completed

May 2020

Construction Status Video:

The work is progressing nicely, despite some challenges posed by the Covid-19 situation. Here is the construction status video from May 2019.

More team members

Another colleague joins the Operations Team. Let us introduce; Mr. Kristian Nordstoga.

Speciality: Ventilation

Fun fact: He enjoys archery in his spare time!

June 2020

Utility and fiber available to site

August 2020

  • Medium Voltage Energization completed and site is powered
  • All key infrastructure components delivered and in place

August 2020:

Construction Status Video:

The completion rate in now 85%. See the construction status video from August 2020.

September 2020

Permanent gate and fences in place.

October 2020:

  • All external services connected.
  • Internal fit-out completed.
  • Completion rate: 92%

October 2020

Construction Status Video:

We are getting closer. See the construction status video from early october.

October 2020

Commissioning process. Testing infrastructure and all components.

The data center is completed!

Tor Kristian Gyland gives a summary of the construction of the DC3-Oslo data center at Enebakk.

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