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Upheads data center at SVG1-Rennesøy

A data center consumes large amounts of energy – both for operations and for cooling. Green Mountain’s DC-1 at Rennesøy, north of Stavanger, is one of the world’s most energy-efficient data centers. Norwegian IT company, Upheads, has chosen this location to move all their data to.

Sustainability and security

– Our clients expect the highest standards of the services we deliver. Security, data storage within Norwegian borders and sustainability are important factors for us. The Green Mountain data center ticks all these boxes and is also completely climate neutral, says Henning Malmin, Head of Technology at Upheads. The fact that it is a local company is also a big plus.
Green Mountain is highly innovative in its operation and uses cold water from the fjord to cool the IT equipment. In addition, they will utilize residual heat from the data center for lobster farming.
The migration will take place this fall and consequently give the clients a safer and more sustainable solution.
– Green Mountain warmly welcomes Upheads data center to our mountain hall at Rennesøy. This former NATO facility has the highest level of security with biometric access control, video surveillance, 24-hour staffing and, last but not at least, rock-solid walls, says Espen Bjanes, VP Sales Norway & Europe, at Green Mountain.

Henning Malmin from Upheads
Henning Malmin from Upheads.


Upheads is one of Norway’s leading IT companies. They deliver future-oriented IT solutions that provide value and competitive advantage for their customers. They are located in all of Norway’s largest cities. Big enough to be a safe choice, but still small and nimble, flexible and easy to deal with. Upheads was established in Sandnes back in 1999 with Ove Rydland as the owner. The company has had a solid financial development in recent years and sales reached  174 million NOK in 2020. The company employs 125 people. You can read more about Upheas on their webpage: https://www.upheads.no/