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Data Centre Cost

Green Mountain helps reduce operational costs through world-class power usage efficiency, Europe’s lowest prices on hydropower and beneficial taxation.

Data Centre Cost Saving

We deliver higher quality, at a lower data centre cost than our clients manage to produce themselves. Low PUE (Power Usage Efficiency), long-term investment perspective and high-power load per rack enables low operational costs and reduces the costs for our clients.

Our clients realize that establishing data centres in their own premises involves expenses beyond what is needed for just the physical equipment. By moving their equipment to Green Mountain, our clients are able to leverage existing infrastructure and also avoid this high start-up cost.

Predictable reduced OPEX

Cost of power now accounts for 50% + of the OPEX of a data centre in most of Europe and this percentage is rising as power costs increase, and the amount of power consumed is, therefore, a cornerstone of the Data Centre OPEX. Green Mountain addresses this in three ways:

  • Cost of power is 40-50% less than most of Europe [with no carbon taxes or CRC charges added] and can be fixed for up to 10 years.
  • From January 2017, Green Mountain was approved for the new Norwegian tax relief, which reduces power charges by 97 %. We transfer the full benefit to our clients, which give you a 35 % reduction in the electricity bill.
  • Cooling the data centre usually accounts for an additional 40-80% of the electricity required to power the servers. At Green Mountain, we use the fjords and rivers as a cooling source and cooling is virtually ‘free’ adding only about 5% for the cooling load.

Adding these two elements together on a 1000kW server load clients will save £m’s over a five year period with predictable OPEX over that period because power prices can be fixed for up to 10 years

Power Usage Efficiency (PUE)

Green Mountain is designed to offer world-class Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of less than 1.2 (PUE is the ratio of total amount of energy used by a data centre facility to the energy delivered to IT equipment).

Our very low PUE is achieved because of highly efficient cooling systems and the most efficient technology available in power and cooling infrastructure. This translates into less power consumed in running the data centre compared to most UK facilities which run between 1.4-1.8.

  • Efficient power distribution system (N+N)
  • Top class UPS efficiency (N+N)
  • Efficient cooling (N+N configuration)
  • In row, precision cooling systems (N+1 or N+N configuration)
  • Each client has real-time readout in their server room of their PUE, and it is included in monthly report and energy billing


Green Mountain AS have unique taxation offerings:

  • Green Mountain has agreed with Taxation Authorities an arrangement that secures, provided correctly structured that the offering is classified “a service” and can be invoiced directly to foreign clients without VAT, this also removes any risk of further taxation in Norway (details on request).
  • There are no additional CRC/carbon payments on the electricity bill in our data centres.
  • Green Mountain pays no business rates. This cost is usually passed on to tenants by other providers,  consequently there are potentially thousands of € /£/$ in savings for our clients.


  • High quality at low cost
  • Predictable reduced OPEX
  • Low PUE (Power Usage Efficiency)
    – less than 1.2
  • Unique taxation offerings

Data Centre Cost Difference Illustration

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