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Powering an Efficient Colocation Facility: Green Mountain

Published Friday 4 December 2015 by Knut Molaug

Companies that want to outsource their data center infrastructure and IT services no longer have to choose between convenience and sustainability. We claim that our Green Mountain facility, located in a former NATO ammunition store, is the greenest data center in the world. We are also one of the largest and the fastest growing colocation operators in the Nordics.

In a previous blog post, I explained about our work with Schneider Electric Norge AS in the building of DC1-Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. The center benefits from free cooling from the adjacent fjord, achieving world-class efficiency. At the same time it leverages abundant access to low cost, renewable hydropower. The end-result is a 25 MW data center with a Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) rating below 1.2 and an Uptime Institute Tier III certification.

Our DC2-Telemark data center that was opened over one year ago achieved the Uptime Institute Tier III certification for design of their DC2-Telemark datacenter last week. The center is located at Rjukan in the Telemark region and is in the heart of the Norwegian hydropower production. There are six large power stations in the immediate vicinity, making it the most robust power point in Europe. Green Mountain now operates two Tier III certified datacentres and is the only Nordic provider of high quality certified datacentres.

Both our data centers are focusing on high quality and robust design, world-class efficiency and high security, solely utilizing renewable energy. To support our growth, efficiency and quality ambitions, Green Mountain has partnered with Schneider Electric in the “Powered by Schneider Electric” initiative — part of the efficient data center program.

Through our data centers and partnering with high quality providers we aim to offer even better value to our customers and provide efficient and sustainable choices for colocation — green colocation. Please take a look at four things we did on our way to become the greenest of the green.

Knut Molaug


Green Mountain

Knut has headed Green Mountain since the company inception in 2010. He has been responsible for the development of the company from the conceptual stage and now as an established operator - the largest and fastest growing in the Norwegian market. The first datacenter in Stavanger, Norway opened for business in May 2013 and the second centre in Telemark opened in May 2014. Both centres focusing on high quality design, high security, world class efficiency and utilizing only renewable energy.

Prior to Green Mountain he was the CEO of the Norwegian technology company, AKVA group, over many years. He developed the company from being a small Norwegian company into a large global operator with offices in 12 countries across the globe and leading in its field. He was responsible for public listing the company 2006. His engineering degree is from the University of Stavanger in Computer science and cybernetics.