Tier III


High-security data centre in the cradle of hydro power.

DC2-Telemark is located in a historic region of Norway and is being built on a ‘brownfield’ site with a 2x10MW supply initially available. The first phase is a fully operational Tier lll 1MW facility, with 4 new buildings and up to 2×35 MW + total capacity planned. The location is ideal for clients with specific requirements for growth as they can start small either with singular racks to support Proof-of-concept or operational concepts through to individual 2 MW modules. The location was chosen because it is the cradle of hydro-electric power in Norway and as a consequence, it has several large hydro-power stations in very close proximity ensuring robust and low-cost power to the site.


DC2-Telemark is uniquely placed not only in Norway but in Western Europe in regards to the number of hydro-electric plants it has in close proximity to the site. There are 6 hydro electric-plants in the valley and 2 underground hydro-electric plants within 2 km of the site (1 and 2 ). The National Grid has 2x 500MW within 1km of the site (3). There are 2 x 10MW on site (outlined in yellow) with a capability to expand to 100MW. 5 % of the total energy production in Norway originates from production in the valley. In addition, the natural water reservoir that makes the foundation for hydro production is so massive that even if it doesn’t rain for 18 months, there will still be water enough to secure production.


  • Total Space Available: 40000 m2
  • Availablity: 100%
  • Power Sources: 4
  • Total Power Capacity: 35MW
  • Renewable Energy: 100%

Cooling Solution

DC2-Telemark utilizes the cool natural Norwegian air to cool our data centre at Rjukan. Rjukan is situated at the bottom of a valley with 500-meter elevation on each side, providing in addition to the great foundation for power also natural cooling with a median temperature of 13 oC. This means that we about 330 days of the year have free cooling in the data centre, and the valley is so steep that the sun doesn’t shine on the data centre for 6 months out of the year.

To take advantage of these natural conditions we have implemented 2N cooling with Uniflair Chillers providing highly energy efficient cooling, and which enable flexible and scaleable capacity options. The benefit is that there are very few movable parts and piping needed. The cooling solution is designed for precision cooling with hot aisle containment in the datarooms.

Server Rooms

We have server rooms available now with a ready-built facility of 1000 m2+, where client specific server rooms can be delivered with rack-by rack, or with client-specific solutions with 50-500 m2 in size.

DC2-Telemark is a modular data centre site, where Green Mountain have designed modular builds with a size of 2 MW. These modules can be split internally into smaller modules, or 2 MW modules can be combined with Tier III to 10 MW, or to Tier 1 standard up to 35 MW.

All solutions can be designed and delivered to support “any” power density, cooling, security solutions etc.

Flexibility – Built as Needed

We provide completely tailor-made solutions that are unique in all aspects and deliver exactly what our clients demand. Our data centre DC2-Telemark are flexible by design and can be scaled up or down based on our clients’ needs current and in the future requirements. Green Mountain offers customized solutions according to our clients’ specifications, which can start with one rack and expand as the need increases.

Our clients can have their own data centre located within our facilities if they choose to do so. With two data centres located in different geographical and climate zones, we could offer the possibility of having data centres with geographic redundancy, but leveraging the advantage of integrated network infrastructure.


DC2-Telemark has redundant fibre paths into the site (last mile).

  • Multiple independent carriers inland paths
  • Multiple high-quality fiber-channels from neutral carriers available
  • Multiple paths into European markets via Oslo – multiple carriers
  • Across to Denmark – multiple carriers
  • Low latency connectivity to Continental Europe

Carriers (Contact details in ‘Partners’ section)

Green Mountain data centres is a carrier neutral facility.

Meet-Me Rooms

We have established two fully redundant meet-me-rooms in different parts of the facility for carriers with diverse fibre paths to them. Dedicated meet-me-rooms may also be made available for customers with such requirements.

Rack by Rack

The “Rack by Rack” service is delivered from a common area in the data centre where a shared rack solution is established. The rack containment is shared between multiple clients on a rack-by-rack basis. The minimum unit for this solution is one (1) rack.


100 100% Uptime
40000 Total Space Available
97 Reduced Power Charges by %
100 100% Renewable Energy