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A people-centric culture at Green Mountain

For Green Mountain, fostering a people-centric company culture is all about developing relationships, building and maintaining trust. Creating a supportive environment in which all employees are able to flourish.

Because a great data center is not all about the technical solutions. The most essential part is the people who run it. Four Green Mountain employees were recently interviewed by DataCentreMagazine to delve deeper into our people-centric philosophy, and the importance of the human factor in the running of a data centre.

Tor Kristian Gyland, the CEO of Green Mountain, said: “Whether it is the operations team, project managers, service delivery, sales, management or supporting functions – they all contribute to the same goal; “Setting the green standard” in the data centre industry.”

Read what Abhishek Jagga, Rikke Dishington, Torkild Follaug and Irene Vikingstad thought about the topic here.