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We recently announced the expansion of our lon-east data center in Romford, London. Now, we can finally show you what it will look like as well. Check out the new animated lon-east expansion video below.

Here are some key highlights:

✅7 MW + 7 MW in existing building + 16 MW built-to-suit option

✅Located less than 10 miles from the major financial centers of the Docklands and the City of London

✅Latency to the Docklands: 0.36ms

✅Latency to Slough: 0.95ms

✅Completion of the first phase is scheduled for Q1 2025

The groundwork started in December and is progressing nicely. We are currently working on the 301 piles that are going into the ground. Before that, thorough investigations were done in order to ensure there were no undetonated bombs from WWII left in the ground…

The lon-east is a data center in operation, and we are actually building the first new expansions inside an already existing building. That makes construction a bit more challenging than normal. However, with skilled people, a well-organized team, and high trust from customers, the task is in good hands.

Simon Blackburn and Graham Harvey in the expansion area at lon-east data center.

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