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Green Mountain featured on Al Jazeera’s environmental show

Green Mountain on Al Jazeera

Data centers are the building blocks of the modern digital infrastructure. Nevertheless, they can also be a threat to our climate as they are massive consumers of electricity. Al Jazeerah wanted to explore how the climate footprint of data centers can be reduced. They contacted Green Mountain to learn more about our green data centers. The result can be seen in the latest episode of “earthrise”.  

“earthrise” is Al Jazeera’s award-winning environmental show investigating the most significant threats to the planet by highlighting eco-friendly solutions from around the world. Green Mountain has been featured in a new episode of the program. In this episode Earthrise goes to Norway and the Orkney Island in the UK to explore two solutions with a part to play in the transition to a carbon neutral world.

Al Jazeera visited DC1-Stavanger

Green Mountain opened our doors to our DC1-Stavanger data center, deep inside a Norwegian Mountain. Green Mountain CEO, Tor Kristian Gyland, was interviewed by Josefine Volqvartz. She asked him to explain why this center is among the world’s greenest and his thoughts on the climate challenge. “It was exciting to welcome the Al Jazeera team to our site and show them our solutions. Especially our innovative cooling system that uses the adjacent fjord water to cool the servers inside the mountain.” says Gyland.

Green Mountain featured on Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera interviews CEO, Tor Kristian Gyland.

Solutions for a carbon neutral world

The episode also features professor Chunming Rong of the University of Stavanger as well as meteorologist and green investor, Siri Kalvig. Rong explains where we store our data and why there is an increasing demand for data centers. Moreover, Kalvig shows us where and how we get all our renewable energy in Norway. The Al Jazeera program also presents how the Orkney Islands are leading the way when it comes to green hydrogen.
“The internet’s negative impact on climate is something that is gaining attention in media globally. I am proud that Green Mountain is an example of a solution to the problem. Since the start, our mission has been “setting the green standard” in the industry.” Gyland concludes.
You can watch the whole episode of “earthrise – The change of power” on the program’s website. 

Green Mountain with the Al Jazeera film crew
The Al Jazeera film crew visited our DC1-Stavanger site in Norway.