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Green Mountain is truly a green data centre using 100% renewable power. Green Mountain uses Norwegian hydropower as an energy source and the cold and wet climate gives us free cooling 365 days a year.

Green Data Centre with 100% Renewable Power

One of the main challenges in the data centre industry is ensuring continual cooling throughout the day. At Green Mountain’s DC1-Stavanger, we use nature and cold water from the deep Norwegian fjords located adjacent to our facilities to ensure the most efficient and effective cooling process. By using gravity, the cold water flows to the green data centre cooling station without the need for power. We then only require minimal power to pump the cold water from our pump station into the data centre through our heat exchangers (3kw of power for 1000Kw of cooling). Our solution provides 100% environmentally friendly, free cooling. This unique cooling system provides energy efficiency for our clients, which results in high quality, cost-effective and energy efficient data centre solutions with a PUE as low as 1,2. The proximity to power generation source is also resulting in minimal transmission losses.

Green Mountain has been recognised as operating “The Greenest Data Centres in the World” for a variety of reasons and has won many associated awards in the industry. We have also received extensive media coverage including the BBC World News. In Norway, power is 98.5% derived from hydropower generation. This is a significantly higher percentage than any other Scandinavian or European countries and is second only to the USA in the Northern Hemisphere for hydro generation output. Unlike other European nations we, therefore, do not rely on Nuclear Power to reduce emissions.

Zero Carbon Footprint

Power in the data centre industry has the same carbon footprint as the airline industry. Our data centres are powered 100% by hydro so they have no carbon footprint as a consequence. By using Green Mountain your organisation’s carbon footprint will reduce. Greenpeace has highlighted the issues around the carbon footprint of the industry in 3 reports, the most recent can be found here.

The Future of Internet Power Initiative

The Future of Internet Power was an initiative started by the largest data centre consumers in North America (Facebook, Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle, eBay etc.) and its mission is to increase the use of renewable energy to power data centres through collaboration with companies, power providers, developers, utilities and policymakers. Through this initiative, they have highlighted six principles to be supported, and Green Mountain was the first co-location provider in Europe to support these initiatives. For more about the Future of Internet Power and the six principles click here.

GreenBiz Interview: Green Mountain’s Svein Atle Hagaseth on carbon neutral data centers


  • 100% Renewable Power
  • Zero CO2 Emmision
  • PUE of 1,2

Data Centre Cost Renewable Energy Mix Illustration

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