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We are proud to announce the establishment of the Green Mountain Community Support Fund. This is an initiative demonstrating our unwavering commitment to nurturing the potential of our future generations. This fund dedicates 500.000 NOK to support local sports and cultural activities for children and youth.

In Norway we have data centers in Rennesøy, Rjukan, Enebakk, and Hamar, and wish to sponsor teams, clubs, and associations connected to these areas.

Green Mountain wants to be an important contributor in the local community. Over the years we have often received inquiries about sponsorships cooperations from various sports clubs and associations.  And we have already established ourselves as a significant contributor to local sports, with strong partnerships with teams like Driv IL in Enebakk and Mastra IL in the Stavanger area, Rjukan IL and Tinn IL in the Rjukan area, and Storhamar IL Ice Hockey in the Inland area. With the establishment of this fund, we are expanding our commitment to include even more aspects of community life.

We are now inviting local teams, clubs, and associations to apply for funding from our Green Mountain Community Support Fund. The deadline for applying is 31st of January 2024. An internal committee will process the applications in February. We will provide feedback to all applicants by the 1st of March.

You can read more about Green Mountain Community Support fund, and apply for support here!