Data Centre Design

Data Centre Design

Green Mountain’s main goal in data centre design is to build facilities for flexibility and scalability. In a rapid-changing world of new technology and changing market conditions it is crucially important that data centres can be adapted to changing needs.

This goal affects all our data centre design decisions, ranging from site location, building selection, floor layout, electrical system design to mechanical design. We have adapted a concept of modularity that enables the data center facility to change and adapt as needed, with minimum renovation and change to basic building systems.

Build to suit Data Centre Design

There are ways to future-proof the data centre without having to make costly investments, while still ensuring that IT infrastructure can adapt and change over time to meet evolving business needs. All of our clients have different needs that we tailor to. When building a data room for our customers, we offer complete project management. Together with our client, our expert team of engineers, architects and project managers develops a data room tailored to the customer’s requirements. After having completed the planning phase, our project managers ensure smooth-running construction, until the data room is move-in ready. Furthermore, our buildings are always designed so that they can also be easily expanded or reconfigured in the future at minimum cost, to secure their functionality for the long term.

Scalability and flexibility

Green Mountain’s data centres are built to be flexible and scalable to accommodate changing needs. Your solution can easily be scaled up or down.  Our DC2-Telemark facility is built specifically with modularity in mind and will be expanded, as our clients need change. You can start with a few racks, and over time expand the data centre to be a multi MW facility. We can support you through any phase of your data centre need and work closely with service providers and cloud providers to ensure that we can support a client-specific hybrid approach, whether it means cloud first, a dedicated data centre or any combination.

Time to market

Speedy time to market is an increasingly important factor for our clients. We know that you should have been ready in the market preferably yesterday and that you need a solution that can grow. Drawing on our substantial Nordic operating experience we can build at a scale, pace and cost-savings unmatched in the industry – translating into speed to market, unbeatable value and the highest quality data centres that far exceed industry standards. Our recent expansion at the DC2-Telemark site is an excellent example. Two data halls with the capacity of 2,75 were completed in only 6 months, involving prefabricated data centre modules.

We know that deployment delays can easily impact the bottom line of a company, and a three-month delay can potentially cost you millions. Green Mountain’s rapid deployment ensures mission-critical infrastructure is up and running in 90-120 days, significantly faster than traditional data centre providers. We know how to plan, build and operate data centres, it is what we do and we stand by our commitments – just ask our clients if their project was delivered on-time and on-budget.

Green Mountain Data Centre DC2-Telemark