Why Green Mountain?

Green Mountain data centers are some of the world’s greenest. Our unique location enables us to use 100% renewable hydropower to operate and cool our award-winning, high efficiency facilities, located deep inside Norwegian mountains.

Green Mountain Data Centers

Green Mountain Data Centre DC1-Stavanger

DC1-Stavanger is a unique Green Mountain data center in a former high security NATO ammunition storage facility.

Green Mountain Data Centre DC2-Telemark

DC2-Telemark is being built in phases on a ‘brown field’ site with a 35MW supply initially available.

Green Mountain DC3-Oslo

DC3-Oslo is our flexible, future-proof data center site in the Oslo region.




Data Center Platform

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Data Center Recruitment

How to recruit for a data center? Irene Vikingstad was employed as Green Mountain’s new HR...

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Operations Training Program

Data Center Operations Training Program & Certificate Data Center Training is a key to maintain...

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We continue to invest in direct high capacity connectivity to the UK and Europe. Our data centres are strategically located near the North Sea, Europe and the United States, making Green Mountain a strategic choice for any company requiring co-location of IT infrastructure. We are carrier-neutral and provide access to a wide range of local and international network operators, enabling us to efficiently connect our clients to the rest of the world. We also provide unlimited capacity and high-speed fiber to all our customers.
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