Why Norway

Cold air, ice-cold fjords, and the lowest-priced green hydroelectric power in Europe; Norway is an attractive place to establish your data centre.

The chilly Norwegian climate is ideal and will reduce the cost of cooling of hyperscale data centres by using green hydroelectric power. Norway also offers a politically stable environment for doing business, while offering a low-risk location regarding natural disaster-risk and strong fundamentals, in terms of energy security and share of renewable resources.

Renewable Energy at Europe’s Lowest Cost

Large data centres are heavy industrial-scale facilities and require huge amounts of electricity. Norway ´s offer is unique in this context, not only presenting a 97% share of renewables in its power production but also foreseeing a significant surplus and extremely competitive price forecasts for the years to come. Long-term power prices in Norway are expected to be the lowest in Europe, further boosted by a significant tax reduction from January 1st, 2017. Abundant, highly competitive and renewable power through a resilient, redundant grid represents a second to none proposal to the data centres of the future.

Low Risk and Quick Time to Market

Ranked as number 2nd worldwide in the Cushman & Wakefield 2016 Data Center Risk Index, Norway continues to offer a low-risk environment for data centres.

A strong democracy and well-functioning authorities contribute to the low investment risk. A high level of trust for institutions makes operations smooth for foreign investments and government bureaucracy is low.

A Competence Centre in the Forefront of Innovation

Norway has a well-educated workforce, and a high share of the adult population has tertiary education. Also, Norway has a number of world-class universities, and several of Norway`s research facilities in energy-intensive fields are recognized worldwide. This allows Norwegian companies to be at the forefront of technological and green innovation.

Green Mountain – Direct Access from the Nordics to UK and USA

A new fiber optical sea cable system between Norway and the UK in 2019 (no-uk.com) will deliver the next generation fiber pairs meeting the content providers` requirements for dark fiber between large data centres. The cable landing station in Norway will be located in our Green Mountain’s data centre at Rennesøy in Rogaland. In the UK, the plan is to install a cable landing station in the Newcastle area.

This will make Green Mountain the gateway between Scandinavia and the UK and the US markets for data centre to data centre communication.


  • Ranked 2nd worldwide in the Cushman & Wakefield 2016 Data Center Risk Index
  • Abundant renewable power, strong grid and world-leading long term prices
  • Redundant connectivity available today or within compatible timespans
  • Competitive tax regime, strong economy, competent workforce
  • Several research facilities in energy-intensive fields are recognized worldwide, allowing Norwegian companies to be at the forefront of innovation.
  • Strong democracy and stable political situation, EU-compatible framework