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Scan Agrees Partnership with Green Mountain Data Centres

Green Mountain - Inside Hallways - HPC Services

The two companies combine their services to deliver managed hosting solutions for the HPC and AI markets.

Scan and Green Mountain have entered into an agreement to provide secure data centre hosting services for clients in the High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) spaces.
Green Mountain designs, builds, and operates highly secure, innovative, and sustainable colocation datacentres in various locations across Norway. Its aim is to ’set the green standard’ in the data centre industry. Green Mountain operates three sustainable sites, powered by hydro-electricity, with clients including large international cloud, finance, HPC and automotive companies. The company has delivered 100% uptime since the start of operations. Moreover, it has independent power supplies to each site supported by stand-by generators.

Green Mountain and Scan can, with their combined services, offer clients a full range of hosted platform services. Ranging from NVIDIA GPU-accelerated systems through to full DGX supercomputing architectures. With a Green Mountain data centre site, clients can benefit from power costs that are 50 – 70% lower than most other European markets. The datacentres run on 100% renewable power which helps supports clients’ sustainability targets. Moreover, cable systems provide low-latency connectivity from Norway into the UK and the rest of Europe.
Scan provides a full range of consulting services for HPC, AI and deep learning platforms. In addition, it is a certified NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider. The team of AI specialists will manage the installation of any chosen equipment at the Green Mountain sites. Providing everything required to develop and scale an AI or HPC Infrastructure.

Marnie Sutton, Director of Enterprise GPU at Scan, said ‘This new partnership with Green Mountain allows us to address our HPC and AI clients environmental concerns by delivering 100% sustainability for their co-located infrastructures by powering and cooling them with solely renewal energy.’

Svein Atle Hagaseth, CSO of Green Mountain, commented ‘We are delighted to partner with Scan to broaden our ecosystem and provide our services to a wide range of clients. Scan has a great value proposition to the HPC/AI market. Combined with our leading co-location services we can, together, support the European marketplace with the most cost effective, sustainable and scalable platform for customer workloads.’ Together, Scan and Green Mountain offer the best IT services and environments to support critical infrastructure for AI and HPC workloads.