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Update from CEO 2021

As the year draws to an end, it is time to reflect a bit on the experiences of Green Mountain in 2021. The pandemic situation posed some challenges to Green Mountain, but in summary I have mostly highlights to share.  Site expansions, new owners and heat reuse projects are just some of the keywords. But most importantly, I am proud of the achievements of our employees. They have tackled the Covid-19 situation well, delivered on our commitments, and managed to stay safe and healthy.   

Several site expansions

This year, we have added 6,5 MW of capacity with expansions at both DC3-Oslo and DC1-Stavanger. The first expansion was a new 4MW building for a single tenant at our site outside Oslo. The second was a 2.5 MW mountain hall expansion at DC1-Stavanger. The team delivered the project on time, budget, and quality, despite the many restrictions and obstacles caused by Covid-19.
Furthermore, the shovel is in the ground for our new colocation facility at DC3-Oslo. A 13,5 MW data center will be ready by November 2022. We continue to grow rapidly (revenue growth of 63%), so it is important to have this capacity available. Although several large international clients show interest in build-to-suit projects, we also need a multitenant colocation facility for clients with a different footprint. We will continue to develop this site until we reach the full capacity of 75 MW, with both colocation and build-to-suit solutions for larger clients.
In addition, we have secured more land for expansion at new locations in Western Norway. We regard both Kalberg Valley and Haugaland Business Park to be very promising areas for new establishments. Moreover, with the governments’ updated data center strategy, the Norwegian data center industry is ready to welcome even more international clients.

Construction area for colocation center in Oslo
Construction area for new colocation center in Oslo.

New owners

In July this year we also reached an important milestone. The Azrieli Group acquired the company from our previous owners, Smedvig. This acquisition secures Green Mountain the necessary capital to fulfill its development ambitions. We are now well-positioned for growth and will be able to accelerate expansion in the Nordic market and beyond.

Heat Reuse Projects

I always enjoy signing new clients, but this year we also signed two other types of contracts equally important. Firstly, we signed an agreement with Norwegian Lobster Farm on the development of the world’s first land-based lobster farm on our premises at DC1-Stavanger. The lobster farm will reuse waste heat from the data center and subsequently increase energy-efficiency and reduce both carbon footprint and operating costs significantly. Secondly, we also cooperate with Hima Seafood on the world’s first land-based trout farm, close to our DC2-Telemark facility. By connecting the two facilities together by a pipe system, Green Mountain can deliver heated water to Hima. After using the waste heat in their production, they will return the water, now with a lower temperature, to cool our data center. In other words, a truly circular project. The trout farm will be fully operational in 2023.

Norwegian Lobster Farm and Green Mountain in 2021
From left: Tor Kristian Gyland (Green Mountain), Alf Reime and Asbjørn Drengstig (Norwegian Lobster Farm).

Other highlights for Green Mountain in 2021

Connectivity is a crucial part of a successful data center, and I am pleased that the NO-UK submarine cable project is on track. This 700 km long subsea fiber cable will significantly increase data capacity between Norway, the UK, and the rest of the world. The installation at DC1-Stavanger started this summer and an announcement of the completed project is expected any day now.
As mentioned earlier, I am very proud of the accomplishments of the Green Mountain team in 2021. Therefore, it is especially awarding that they also receive recognition in the industry. Not only were we featured on Al Jazeera’s environmental show, this year we could place several new award trophies on the shelf. Among them:

  • Best Data Center Provider – Global Carrier Awards
  • Most successfully delivered data center – Data Center World Awards
  • Pandemic Project of the Year – DCS Awards
  • Excellence in Service Award – SDC Awards
Global Carrier Awards - Best Data Center Provider
Accepting the award for “Best Data Center Provider” at Global Carrier Awards 2021

We continue to put an emphasis on talent and competence development. Both to attract new employees and retain and develop our existing ones. This year, we have hired 19 new colleagues, a number I believe will increase significantly in 2022.
In summary, I feel privileged to lead an organization like Green Mountain. We have reached many milestones this year and I can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you!