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Green Mountain considering the establishment of new data center at Kalberg in Norway

Kalberg Data Center Illustration

Exemption application submitted in order to evaluate the viability of the site.

Green Mountain, the Norwegian data center colocation provider, today announced its exemption application to the local municipality in connection with its evaluation of a potential site for a new data center facility. The site is at Kalberg, an area approximately 20 km from Stavanger in south-west Norway, and near the new Fagrafjell transformer station, one of Norway’s most important and strongest electricity hubs. In order to determine the feasibility of the project, Green Mountain is dependent on being granted the exemption in a timely manner.

Green Mountain has received a non-binding notice of interest in negotiation of a data center agreement from a large international client, which may be relevant to this site.

Building  a data center at Kalberg fits well into the authorities’ “National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI)” and “National Data Center Strategy”.

Green Mountain CEO, Svein Atle Hagaseth, expects a rapid processing of the application, hopefully resulting in a positive conclusion. “If realized, this project has the potential to create substantial positive ripple effects in terms of value creation, new jobs, competence development and more. Our ambition is to build this facility with the lowest possible environmental footprint and to the highest standards of sustainability. All in line with our company vision”. If the project is realized, Green Mountain will also prepare the infrastructure for other companies to utilize the waste heat from the data center. “We are in close dialogue with several companies on potential heat reuse projects. Food production in greenhouses, land-based fish farming, district heating and drying facilities are all among the options we explore.” adds Hagaseth.

The application process is expected to be completed by the end of November. If the exemption is granted, this will enable Green Mountain to facilitate further negotiations with the potential client.

The Mayor of Time municipality, Andreas Vollsund, is very excited about the potential project: “Given that the majority in the municipal council is in favor of the project, this will contribute significantly in our efforts to build new green industry in the region”, he says. “Some people have raised their concerns about the number of jobs created by data centers. If Green Mountain move forward with its plans, this establishment will undoubtedly become the largest workplace in Time municipality in the coming years.”

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