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Economic Impact Report on Hamar establishment


Menon Economics have, on behalf of IKT-Norge, produced an economic impact report of Green Mountains new data centre at the Heggvin site between Hamar and Elverum. The purpose of this study is to analyse the economic impact of the data centre on the regional and national economy.

The project, that will become Norway’s largest data center campus, was announced in March 2023. The first building will be ready in November 2023.

The study gives a short overview of the current data centre industry in Norway and Hamar as an economic region. Then, it presents the results from the economic impact analysis measured both in the form of employment and as a contribution to GDP. At the end of the report, they look at the
potential that lies in using waste heat from the data centre at Heggvin.

The report suggests an investment of up to 29 billion NOK, 8300 FTEs during the construction, 300+ employees in the operational phase as well as significant annual contributions to BNP.

You can read the full Economic Impact Report here:

Economic impact analysis of the establishment of a data center in Hamar – Menon Economics

Front page of Economic Impact Report on Green Mountain Data Center