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Future Data Center Sites - Kalberg

Future Sites

Our next locations for sustainable data centers.

From the north to the south, Norway offers plenty of areas well-suited for data centers. Each with their unique set of features, catering for different client needs. In Green Mountain, we are always on the look-out for the next location to establish a new data center campus. We have already secured a portfolio of planned sites, with different timelines for development. All with access to ample renewable power and fiber infrastructure. Have a look at the details of each specific site below and reach out to us if you want to know more or book a site visit.

If you can not find a perfect fit for your needs, then please get in touch. Together we can explore more options. Based on our long experience in site selection we can find a site matching your specific requirements.

Explore our locations

* Blue = Plannes sites * Green = Existing sites

Planned sites


Large development area next to a new substation. The strongest power hub on the west-coast of Norway with multiple fiber connections to UK and Europe.

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Ideally located in terms of power, fiber and infrastructure in a modern industrial park on the west-coast of Norway.

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Construction ready site with great expansion opportunities. Powered by wind and hydropower.

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Construction ready site in the Oslo region. Strong power infrastructure and possibilities for large-scale expansions.

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A retired steel factory for fast time-to-market build.

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