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The Green Mountain Community Support Fund goes to…

Green Mountain supports clubs and associations for children and youth in the areas where we have data centers. We have now decided who will receive financial support this year.

When we announced the Green Mountain Community Support Fund in December we expected a few applications. Little did we know that we would receive over 150 applications amounting to nearly 8 million NOK. It did not make matters easier that 99% of the applications met our criteria!

A local committee

Consequently, the descision process was hard. The application deadline was January 31st, and we formed a committee with members from each data center to evaluate the applications. In the committee consisted of:

This year, we have prioritized to support several small clubs and associations, many of them newly established. They need funding to go on exciting trips, participate in tournaments, and buy new equipment. Above all, the financial support will keep the membership fees low, making the activities more accessible to all children.

We are delighted and proud to support these clubs!

Alpingruppa i Rjukan IL, Vollen gård, Vang skiløperforening, Tinn spelemannslag and YES fritidsklubb

Here is the complete list of recipients of the Green Mountain Community Support Fund in 2024:


  • Vang skiløperforening (langrenn) – 30.000kr
  • JH skolekorps – 20.000kr
  • Løten ungdomsteater – 20.000kr
  • Fotballaget Fart – 20.000kr
  • Nordbygda håndball – 20.000kr
  • Vang 4H – 20.000kr
  • Elverum basketballklubb – 20.000kr


  • Driv IL – Aktivitetsgruppa – 35.000kr
  • YES fritidsklubb – 30.000kr
  • Enebakk motorsykkelklubb – 20.000kr
  • Enebakk idrettsforening, Turbofjøla – 20.000kr
  • Discgolfbane på Mjær ungdomsskole – 10.000kr


  • Alpingruppa i Rjukan IL – 25.000kr
  • Rjukan speidergruppe – 20.000kr
  • Kamerina frivillig kultur – 20.000kr
  • Tinn fritidsklubb – 15.000kr
  • Tinn spelemannslag – 15.000kr
  • Rjukan svømmegruppe – 10.000kr
  • Rjukan idrett (på Rjukan vgs) – 10.000kr


  • Kvitsøy og Randaberg TKD-klubb – 40.000kr
  • Vollen gård – 25.000kr
  • Mastra sjøspeidergruppe – 25.000kr
  • Legofellesskapet i Randaberg – 15.000kr
  • Mastrafjord skolekorps – 15.000kr

We wish all the clubs and associations receiving our support the best of luck with all their projects for this year.