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Flexible and future proof.

New data center campus 20 km outside the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

75000 m2


75 MW

Power Capacity


Grid supplies

OSL1-Enebakk is our newest data center site located in Enebakk, just 20 km outside Oslo, the capital of Norway. Green Mountain has acquired a 75 000 m2 (800 000 ft2) area with line-of-sight capacity of 75 MW. The official construction of the first 4 MW building started September 1st and was completed in October 2020. The second 4MW building was opened in August 2021.

An international client currently occupies both these data center buildings, but a new colocation building is under construction, estimated to open in November 2022. In summary, the site is perfectly situated in terms of power supply, infrastructure, and connectivity close to Norway’s most populated area.


  • Build Year: 2020 2 buildings 75 000 m2 space available Colocation building to be completed in November 2022. Flexible design which can be scaled up or down based on our clients’ requirements. Current fill rate: 100% (40% when colocation building completed)
  • Maximum Capacity: 75 MW 2 independent grid supplies each fed from multiple hydropower plants. 100% renewable hydropower Average PUE: 1.20 Automatic standby generators 2N cooling with Uniflair Chillers designed for precision cooling with hot aisle containment in the data rooms
  • Security personnel 24/7 onsite security personnel Remote monitoring 24/7 Biometric access systems, man traps and intelligent video surveillance. High boundary fencing around the whole area.
  • Carrier neutral data center – 3 independent fiber providers available. Office space for clients. Smart hands services.

Flexible and scalable data center site

OSL1-Enebakk Site

The location is ideal for clients with specific requirements for growth. They can start with a limited footprint like single racks in a colocation center to support proof-of-concept or operational concepts. Furthermore, we can support any avenue through to individual buildings or modules with no limit in regards to power capacity. We offer rapid deployment of new modules, and solutions can be designed and delivered to support “any” power density, cooling, security solutions etc.

Power supplies

Power Supply

The new data centre site has two independent power grid suppliers and is located in the vicinity of several hydropower plants. Therefore, we have access to enough power to secure the necessary capacity to develop the campus for the future while securing resilience and redundancy. In addition, Norway is the #1 producer of sustainable hydropower in Europe. This gives us reliable access to 100% renewable energy from a robust power grid. Moreover, Green Mountain also uses the Norwegian wet and cool climate to our advantage.


Female technician in data room

Green Mountain’s OSL1-Enebakk data centre site in an area with several connectivity providers already present. Due to the increased need for fiber at the site, additional new capacity is being planned and built in the area. As a result, this makes the data centre site one of the most connected campuses in the region.