Green Mountain Flexible Colocation

Green Mountain has built its deployment strategy on a Project Management framework developed by our owner Smedvig’s long tradition as a leading international property developer.

This Project Management framework secures all deliverables from early planning onto a fully operational data centre for our clients. We actually utilized this methodology when building our own data centres, and secured a fully operational data centre from pre-regulation phase in under 13 months for our DC1 facility, and less than 5 months for our DC2 facility. Both Tier III certified, and which more than 5 years later have delivered 100% uptime.

We know that deployment delays can easily impact the bottom line of a company, and a three-month delay can potentially cost you millions. Green Mountain’s rapid deployment ensures mission-critical infrastructure is up and running in 90-120 days, significantly faster than traditional data centre providers. We know how to plan, build and operate data centres, it is what we do and we stand by our commitments – just ask our clients if their project was delivered on-time and on-budget.

Rack Spaces

Power and service connection to a floor space where a customer can install their own cabinet is provided.


We provide a lockable cabinet within the shared colocation area with power & service connection provision.

Sub-Cabinet Services

This is a lockable cabinet partitioned into a mixture of half & quarter cabinets. Serviced via independent N+1 power & cable feeds.

Private Suites

Private suites are provided on a bespoke basis to meet your specific requirements. We provide turnkey services to build the cage, supply power & service connection.

Modular Spaces

Our modular spaces are built with containers combined to create 2 MW modules. These modules can be broken down into smaller sections, where we typically see clients ordering modules of 250 kW on the smaller side and upwards.

Rack by Rack

The “Rack by Rack” service is delivered from a common area in the data centre where a shared rack solution is established. The rack containment is shared between multiple clients on a rack-by-rack basis. The minimum unit for this solution is one (1) rack.

Hands & Eyes Service

Our technicians perform a range of remote activities on your behalf to optimise operational overhead while maintaining maximum coverage.


Additional connections within our facility, including optical & electrical private lines to our metro services, 3rd party carriers & other collocating customers.