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Data Centres and privacy regulations

Data Centers and privacy regulations

Data Centre and GDPR, Privacy, Brexit – We get a lot of questions about this, and for that reason, Green Mountain AS has written a piece in Open Access Government about what it actually means if your data center is in Norway vs. the rest of the EU. And the answer, absolutely NO DIFFERENCE

As a data centre, we are used to answering a number of questions from our potential and existing customers. The questions traditionally concern power, cooling, sustainability, connectivity, and physical security measures, but lately more and more people ask us about privacy regulations as well. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in European Union (EU) in 2018, and it’s potential €20 million1 penalties for breach, have made companies very focused on being GDPR compliant. So how does GDPR affect your company if you trust a co-location data centre to store your data?

If you want to know more you can download the article as a pdf or read it in Open Access Goverment.

GDPR Article in Open Access Government