to Suit

Build to Suit

We use cutting-edge technologies to meet your current and future data and business needs. Drawing on our substantial Nordic operating experience, Green Mountain is a leading exponent of cost-reducing, environment-protecting, green energy management systems.

By exclusively manufacturing 80% of what goes into Green Mountain data centres, we can build at a scale, pace and cost-savings unmatched in the industry – translating into speed to market, unbeatable value and the highest quality data centres that far exceed industry standards.

Tailored to Your Needs

Your data centre will be designed to your specification, and we will directly supervise its Construction. Since all customers have unique requirements for business service and support, our team is dedicated to providing a personal service to each client – getting to know their ways of working and operational needs.

It’s like your own in-house data centre; only you don’t have to make the investment or take the trouble of running it!

Flexibility Included

An outsourcing solution with Green Mountain can easily be scaled up or down, enabling you to respond to changing market situations and consumer needs. When building a data room for our customers, we offer complete project management. Together with our customer, our expert team of engineers, architects and project managers then develops a data room tailored to the customer’s requirements. After having completed the planning phase, our project managers ensure smooth-running construction, until the data room is move-in ready.

Furthermore, our buildings are always designed so that they can also be easily expanded or reconfigured in the future at minimum cost, to secure their functionality for the long term.

As the building owner and operator, we are always available to consult our customer after the completion of the facility/data room, even if there are no construction changes to be made.