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Data Center Podcast - 2021

Green Mountain has launched its very first data center podcast episode. The topic of the episode is “What is a data center?”. The podcast is produced by Eivind Eckhardt Kvitvik, our student intern this fall. He wanted to find out what people really know about data centers. 
As a starting point, he interviewed his fellow students at Noroff Institute. He asked them some basic questions like:

  • What is the Cloud?
  • Where is the Cloud?
  • What is a data center?
  • What happens in a data center?
  • Who works in a data center?
  • Why do we need data centers?

Then, he brought in the experts from Green Mountain to comment on their answers. Did the students understand the basics or were they confused? Did they ever reflect on these questions at all? In the data center podcast , Truls Dishington (COO), Irene Vikinstad (HR manager) and Ole Sten Volland (CTO) tried to clarify, elaborate and correct a few misunderstandings. Nevertheless, in general the students impressed the experts from Green Mountain with many of the answers. They demonstrated that they had understood the importance of data centers in today’s modern digital society. Without data centers, your life would look pretty different.

Eivind E. Kvitvik
Eivind Eckhardt Kvitvik outside the DC1-Stavanger data center.

Eivind Eckhardt Kvitvik thought it was an interesting project to work on: “I did not know too much about data centers before I joined Green Mountain as an intern, so it was a great opportunity to learn more. In addition, I could use my bakground as a sound engineer to create the data center podcast. Moreover, I also learned more about story-telling.”
You can find the data center podcast on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcast or on most other podcast platforms. Or you can listen to it directly here: