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High scores in Green Mountain’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020

As part of Green Mountain’s commitment to customer satisfaction we conduct surveys to evaluate our performance. In the 2020-survey we received an average score of 5,8 on a 6-point scale on “Overall Satisfaction with partnership”.
One of Green Mountain’s core values is to put the customer in focus, in every aspects of our work. To make sure we meet the needs and expectations of our customers we ask them to rate our performance on topics like Customer Service, Products/Services, Ticket Handling and more.

The everyday relationship

“We have chosen to evaluate the topics that relate to the everyday relationship with our customers. Do they get the information they need? How do they feel about their contact person and cooperation? Do we handle support cases fast enough? Are our field engineers doing a good job? All the actions that together form our customers’ perception of the partnership.”, says Service Manager, Runar Espeland. “We have also asked them to suggest improvements to our reports and customer portal.”

Strong customer satisfaction results

Customer Survey 2020 - Overall Results

The results were very positive, all average scores ranging somewhere between 5.19 and 5.85 on a 6-point scale. When it comes to the questions on their overall satisfaction of the partnership, the result was 5.8.

“We are both proud and humble to receive this feedback from our customers.” says Chief Executive Officer, Tor Kristian Gyland. “This shows that our focus on continuous improvement and customer focus is recognized by our clients. This is rooted in our values and our work methodology, but it is also a result of the everyday decisions and actions of every individual employee. Their willingness to do that little extra for our customers.”

Action points

In day-to-day operations, it is the service management team who has the closest contact with the customers. Based on the feedback from the customer satisfaction survey, they have chosen a few action points; “We are in the process of producing a new service catalogue as well as doing improvements in our customer portal. This will improve the access to information and streamline their interaction with us further. We also have to make sure that all new customer contact persons subscribe to our customer newsletters.” says Espeland.  “This survey sets the standard, and my team will work hard to make sure we maintain our customers’ satisfaction in the future as well.” Espeland concludes.

Customer Survey 2020 - Customer Service Results
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