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Green Mountain data centers host Hewlett Packard Enterprise AI and HPC infrastructure

Green Mountain and HPE Cooperation

Green Mountain, known for operating sustainable and energy-efficient data centers powered by renewable energy with minimal CO2 footprints, is helping Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) expand its ability to deliver high-demand artificial intelligence (AI) and high performance computing (HPC) workloads to customers. The additional capacity, hosted across two of Green Mountain’s Norwegian locations, will serve HPE customers that seek flexible and more sustainable access to compute.

AI Growth

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning represent great opportunities for improving society, businesses and the lives of individuals, but powering AI systems require an incredible amount of energy. The growth in AI also affects both the demand and requirements for the data centers hosting these platforms and applications. Large datasets and massive computing power means more power consumption and more heat.

Green Mountain delivers data center premises adapted to such workloads, both in terms of power supply, liquid cooling and design of data rooms for high density AI infrastructure. HPE’s work with Green Mountain demonstrates the company’s commitment to carbon footprint reduction and minimizing the environmental impact at key phases of a customer’s AI journey including development, testing, and deployment. HPE has built 6 of the top 10 most energy efficient supercomputers, many of which are being used to run AI workloads.

We are equipped to meet the booming demand from AI clients, as well as the requirements these customers have for performance and delivery time. Norway has the best conditions for hosting such installations in view of its power surplus, renewable electricity and stable framework conditions,” said CEO of Green Mountain, Svein Atle Hagaseth.

“Our customers are increasingly developing AI models to unlock breakthroughs. Partnering with Green Mountain, a leading provider of sustainable data services in Norway, will enable us to offer our global customers best-in-class AI and HPC capacity and accelerate their innovation journey, all powered by renewable energy,” said Thomas Kraft, managing director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Norway.

The Green Mountain and HPE teams collaborated on the design of the data center to create a solution that helps deliver on the power and sustainable IT requirements that customers need.  

Heat Reuse  

As part of Green Mountain’s sustainability efforts, the company aims to reuse the excess heat produced by the data centers to benefit other industries. For example, at the Rjukan site, the data center will deliver heated water to a nearby land-based fish farm. By utilizing the energy from the heated water in fish production, the company can reduce the need for electricity, lowering its costs and carbon footprint.

“We appreciate working with HPE on this project and look forward to continuing to develop our relationship,” Hagaseth commented.  

Svein Atle Hagaseth, Green Mountain and Thomas Kraft, HPE.
Form left: Svein Atle Hagaseth, CEO of Green Mountain, and Thomas Kraft, Managing Director of HPE Norway.

Link to press release: Green Mountain data centers host Hewlett Packard Enterprise AI and HPC infrastructure | Green Mountain (mynewsdesk.com)