Analytical Insights
and Trend Analysis

Analytical Insights and Trend Analysis

Increasing the Speed and Agility of Business

Data centre automation is a vital step to achieving the business results you need to compete effectively. It automates IT processes across computing, network, and storage layers in physical and virtual environments. Green Mountain management and automation can give you the agility you need to act and achieve results faster.

From infrastructure to applications, we can support the right data centre automation strategy for your organization. Learn how to transform your business with Green Mountain Computing System (GMCS) software modules, virtual application containers, and intelligent automation and systems management solutions for cloud. Automation isn’t just an option anymore; it’s a necessity.

Your data centre is a critical part of your business strategy. The faster it produces results, the more competitive your business can be in a world that values speed. To reach the speed you need, your data centre must be agile – it must be automated.

How you define agility is dependent on your role and the processes that need automating:

  • End users want to order applications in a self-service manner and take delivery within minutes.
  • Application developers need automated delivery of standardized infrastructure resources to develop, test, and deploy applications.
  • IT needs to deliver application workloads on-demand in an automated and repeatable manner, eliminating manual provisioning or de-provisioning of resources.


Green Mountain provides automation modules that allow for assimilation at a pace that is comfortable for your organization. Start with infrastructure automation, and when you’re ready, expand your capabilities to enterprise and hybrid cloud or application automation. All modules work together and are operated using a common interface, which simplifies service lifecycle management.

You can trust Green Mountain for data centre automation that gets your business where it needs to be, as fast as it needs to be there.

Analytical Insight

Data is the fuel for success for any size organization across all industries. Insights from data help you to innovate and make smarter decisions based on facts, instead of gut feeling. Being data-driven is about giving the business decision makers the power to explore data and make predictions.

Fact-based decisions, powered by analytics, enable organizations to more accurately define their strategy and be successful. Thanks to data, today’s organizations can be more profitable, achieve better performance, increase market share and improve operations.

Monitoring and Reporting

There are ways to future-proof the data centre without having to make costly investments, while still ensuring that IT infrastructure can adapt and change over time to meet evolving business needs – even in a rapidly changing, unpredictable landscape.

Our state-of-the-art award-winning DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) System provides a global holistic, common, real-time monitoring and management platform for all interdependent systems across IT and facility infrastructures. Giving our customers control by way of monitoring and configuring their Data Centre requirements without geographical constraints. Our monitoring solution also provides very detailed monthly reports on all aspect of the technical Space.

Green Mountain use cutting-edge technologies to meet your current and future technology, data and business needs. Drawing on our substantial Nordic operating experience, we are the leading exponent of cost-reducing, environment-protecting, green energy management systems.