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Cut Power Cost by GBP 400,000* per MW of IT Load with zero carbon footprint

The Green Mountain 21500 sq m [226000 sq ft] colocation Data Centre fit-out is a multi million pound investment in a former high security underground NATO facility.

Cost of power in Norway is some 40% less expensive than in the UK and can also be fixed for 5-10 years which dramatically reduces operational expenditure and risk. This because it is such a large proportion of the cost of running a data centre. The power is also 100% hydro generated so that the centre has no carbon emissions. There are therefore no CRC charges[1] or Offsets[2] to pay in this region. Emission savings per megawatt will be in the region of 3,800 Tons CO2 per annum compared to UK.

The data centre provides wholesale space with Tier lll infrastructure as well as space allocated for containerised solutions. The heat from the servers is removed using the cool water [8 OC/46 F] which is available year round from the nearby fjord, passed through a heat exchangers, another sophisticated solution that contributes to it being The Greenest Data Centre in the World.

The Centre is designed to have a Power Utilisation Efficiency (PUE) below 1.2 consistently throughout the year. As a consequence of this low PUE and low power cost a 1,000kW server load will cost approximately GBP 400,000 less per annum in electricity bills alone compared to a typical UK facility.

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