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A recent report by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) highlights power concerns as top of the agenda when selecting Data Centres which is very good news for Green Mountain.

 The 22,000 m2 Tier lll colocation facility is now reaching completion of Phase 1 in Stavanger, Norway and the recent Data Centre Barometer report from JLL highlighted some very positive trends for our site.

 David Willcocks Lead Director for Data Centre Solutions at JLL said in the report ‘’Power, ever since we started the survey, has topped the concerns when seeking a new site. Given the nature of the product, this is no great surprise. However over 80% now rank it in their top two concerns. We suspect that this is a concern with availability and lack of power. This is particularly true in a number of the mature markets where there has been high demand and limited infrastructure upgrades. It is not limited supply but the costs and lead in times that continue to restrict supply in some markets’’

 Green Mountain Data Centre has abundant power derived from numerous hydroelectric power stations in the area. In fact there are unusually 3 Grid supplies feeding the site (in addition to the stand- by generators)

 In addition there is evidence that Corporates are considering facilities outside of the traditional Tier 1 locations.

 Some 80% of respondents either ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ with the statement – ‘‘In the coming 12 months we believe that some Data Centre demand could seek or move away from the traditional Tier 1 Cities seeking lower operational costs which will benefit secondary locations in established markets’’.

 As David explains ‘’There seems to be a growing appetite, in particular from the Corporate sector to consider these locations [outside Tier 1 locations]. We are being asked increasingly more often to provide information on sites, costing and opportunities in these locations, in particular in the Nordic Regions. With continued improvements in infrastructure, we anticipate that this will grow’’.

 It is not difficult to see what the attractions are to the region and particularly our facility. Power is all hydro generated so there are zero carbon emissions and some 40% lower cost than power in UK. In addition Green Mountain can fix the cost of power for 10 years to provide predictable OPEX and capped at a huge saving on a facility in UK or most other regions in EMEA.

 Having secured tenants from the Nordic region Green Mountain are now finding increasing interest coming from other parts of the world including EMEA and North America where prospective tenants are anxious to reduce their OPEX and lower their carbon footprint and we will be ‘open for business’ early in 2013.

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