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Unlike most other power providers in Europe because of the stable carbon neutral power generation local to the Data Centre in Stavanger Norway Green Mountain Data Centre today confirmed that they can offer 5 year and 10 year fixed price contracts on the power supply to their facility with only a small premium on todays price (which today is some 40 % cheaper than power cost in UK). This equates to a saving of over GBP 5m over 10 years for every MW consumed even if prices in UK only go up by 5 % a year (projections are closer to 8-15 %!).

-This is a huge benefit to tenants of our colocation facility because not only does it keep OPEX costs down but it provides cost certainty in an area which is usually notoriously difficult to quantify – said Knut Molaug CEO of the Green Mountain Data Centre which they say is also -the Greenest Data Centre in the World- because of its high efficiency and the fact that power generation has zero emissions.
-We also consider power provider’s grid one of the most secure because cables are run mainly in the ground and we also have 3 grid supplies into the facility, Mr. Molaug adds.

Strong arguments indeed for considering Green Mountain for future data center requirements.