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Green Mountain, the colocation data centre in Norway, with a zero carbon footprint, attracted the attention of documentary makers from BBC World News the 24 hour News Channel. In a documentary about carbon emissions.  The makers of “Horizons” on BBC News flew to Norway to film the unique data centre near Stavanger.

What attracted the documentary makers to the facility was the zero carbon footprint and the unique cooling system which uses the fjord adjacent to the underground data centre (an ex Nato ammunition store) to provide “free cooling” The programme “Demand for Power” examined ways in which we could cut power consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

They pointed out that if the data centre industry was a country it would be the 10th largest consumer of power in the world.

The programme was transmitted last weekend with an audience of around 200 million viewers scattered all over the world.

The programme goes into a great deal of detail to fully explain to viewers, not conversant with the industry, the power consumed by data centres world-wide and the potential of the Nordic region to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry by data centres relocating to the Nordics where power is hydro generated with zero carbon footprint.

In addition, it explained how the unique fjord cooling system also reduces the actual power consumed by the data centre because unlike most data centres very little power is required for cooling the IT equipment.

Knut Molaug, CEO of Green Mountain sais “We are pleased that we have been acknowledged for our contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of our industry. The film will raise awareness amongst the public as to what data centres are and the efforts the industry is going to in its strive to reduce its carbon footprint. It will be interesting to see the feedback we receive from the viewers”.

Click the link below to view the program (for viewers outside the UK):

The part from Green Mountain starts after about 3 min and 45 seconds into the program.