About Green Mountain

Green Mountain Data Centre design build and operate high security, robust wholesale colocation data centres.

Data Centres

Green Mountain AS is a data centre company specialized in delivering high-end data centre services to demanding enterprise and wholesale customers around the world. The company currently offers three data centres in Norway; DC1-Stavanger at Rennesøy just outside Stavanger,  DC2-Telemark at Rjukan and DC3-Oslo just 20km outside the capital. The data centres are Tier III certified by Uptime Institute for design and facility. Existing customers include banks, energy, IT service providers, government agencies and large enterprises.

Satisfied Customers

Satisfied customers are the most important goal of our business and data centre services has been delivered with 100% uptime since day one. We are very transparent about the quality of our services to our customers as trust is fundamental to our business. Security is at the highest level, and the company is ISO 27001 Information security management certified.


Operations are delivered by a very enthusiastic and skilled team of data centre engineers and service managers. We aim to be the most professional data centre operator in the market and encourage knowledge and training to raise the skill of our personnel. Operational efficiency is achieved through extensive use of automation, and a well built and maintained infrastructure that has a high degree of autonomy, fault tolerance and self-healing capabilities. Green Mountain AS is ISO 9001 Quality management certified.

Green Mountain Energy

Our data centres are very energy efficient and use 100% renewable power combined with the lowest power prices in Europe, making them the greenest data centres in the world. We also have the ISO 14001 Environmental management certification in place.

Green Mountain Management

Green Mountain Data Centre Employees – Tor Kristian Gyland

Tor Kristian Gyland

Chief Executive Officer

Morten Nærland - CFO of Green Mountain

Morten Nærland

Chief Financial Officer

Green Mountain Data Centre Employees - Svein Atle Hagaseth

Svein Atle Hagaseth

Chief Sales Officer

+ 1 416 518 7105
Green Mountain Data Centre Employees - Ole Sten Volland

Ole Sten Volland

Chief Technology Officer / IT Manager

Green Mountain Data Centre Employees – Truls Dishington

Truls Dishington

Chief Operating Officer

Green Mountain Data Centre - Thomas Løken

Thomas Løken

Chief Compliance Officer

Terje Huseby - Chief Project Officer

Terje Huseby

Chief Project Officer

Green Mountain Data Centre Employees - Henning Tangen

Henning Tangen

Business Analyst Manager

Board of Directors

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Odd Torland


green mountain, About us

Jostein Kalsheim

Board member

green mountain, About us

Marit Salte

Board member

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Julia Smedvig Hagland

Board member

Derek Webster - Green Mountain Board Member

Derek Webster

Board member

Green Mountain Data Centre Employees - Knut Molaug

Knut Molaug

Board member

Øystein Løseth - Green Mountain Board Member

Øystein Løseth

Board member

Green Mountain Data Centre - Smedvig Logo

Smedvig is the majority owner of Green Mountain. The history of the Smedvig family’s operations demonstrates an excellent track record in managing businesses. The Smedvig Family Office aims to build and operate a robust and well-performing investment portfolio. The objective is to secure and grow the wealth of current and future generations of the Smedvig family; hence the time-horizon for the investments is long.

The portfolio is focused on capital growth, while at the same time optimizing risk to avoid permanent loss of capital and ensuring long-term capital preservation. Total assets under management are approximately NOK 10 billion.

The Smedvig family invests across a wide range of asset classes and has considerable experience in successfully investing in the natural resources sector globally. The Smedvig Family Office makes direct investments as a lead investor within property, private equity and episodic/thematic investments, and invests with best of breed managers of private equity.