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Norway’s largest financial group DNB selects Green Mountain Data Centre as its data centre partner

Norway’s biggest bank is to secure all its mission critical intelligence in high security data centre in a former NATO facility secreted in the midst of a mountain in the middle of the Norwegian Fjords.   

Norway’s largest and most prestigious bank, DNB, could soon have the world’s safest intelligence assets, after it appointed Green Mountain to look after its critical Information Technology in Stavanger, Norway. The high security facility is built into a secret mountain hideaway once used by NATO during the cold war.

After a rigorous due diligence procurement process, DNB has selected Green Mountain to host and manage its data centre equipment. Under the agreement, Green Mountain will host the data centre for Norway’s flagship financial institution in its high security facility.

The selection of the bank’s data centre location is now one of the strategically important decisions, since IT is now the nerve centre of any financial institution and runs all its mission critical applications.

The converted bunker, which now houses state of the art data centre and hosting equipment, is designed to guarantee the highest possible levels of security to DNB’s staff, customers and stakeholders. The impenetrability of the mountain containing the data centre building, together with its location, protect it against all kinds of dangers, including intruders, terrorist attacks, volcanoes, storms, earthquakes and crime. The location, puts the data centre next to a network of fibre optic cable and within range of several hydro-electric dams, makes this an ideal data centre location. High speed fibre optic cables can connect Green Mountain to financial hubs in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London in milliseconds. The choice of three sustainable power supplies makes the data centre both green and shock proof. The cold deep waters of the Fjord also give Green Mountain the perfect resources for free cooling.

The capacity of Green Mountain is about 12,000 m2 of data rooms which gives ample room for expansion by DNB or for inclusion of partner’s equipment, should they wish to reside in the same hosting space.

The endorsement of Green Mountain by Norway’s flagship bank is expected to encourage many others to share the facilities.

The combination of high security and low emissions is perfect for Norway’s environment and compliance conscious banks, according to Knut Molaug, Green Mountain’s CEO.

“DNB is one of Norway’s largest users of data centre space and a user that has especially tough requirements on all aspects of the data centre quality, security and operations,” says Molaug. “Our centre’s already high security level and operational quality will be further enhanced as a result of this agreement.”

“This agreement is an important break-through for us, even though we have already five important customers on-board and good traction in the market place. With this sixth client a new market segment opens for us,” says Molaug. “This contract establishes us a key player in the data centre space for the financial services sector both in Norway and the rest of Europe.”

The contract spans over 21 years and is a multi-million NOK deal.

Quote from Liv Fiksdal, Group executive vice president IT and Operations in DNB: “We chose Green Mountain because it has everything we need and because of its green profile.   High security, high availability and low power consumption. In the financial markets, stability is of essence, so a company like Green Mountain, which offers continuity in business and a predictable base line of operating costs, is perfect for the finance industry. It is also good to be participating in the development of Norwegian IT industry in an area where we should have a competitive advantage”