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Low predictable power costs in one of the world's most stable economies

Predictable reduced OPEX

Cost of power now accounts for 50% + of the OPEX of a data centre in most of Europe and this % is rising as power costs increase, and the amount of power consumed is therefore a cornerstone of the Data Centre OPEX. Green Mountain AS addresses this in 2 ways:

  • Cost of power is 40-50% less than most of Europe [with no carbon taxes or CRC charges added] and can be fixed for up to 10 years.
  • Cooling the data centre usually accounts for an additional 40-80% of electricity required to power the servers. At Green Mountain AS we use the fjords and rivers as a cooling source and cooling is virtually ‘free’ adding only about 5% for the cooling load.

Adding these two elements together on a 1000kW server load clients will save £m’s over a 5 year period with predictable OPEX over that period because power prices can be fixed for up to 10 years.

Existing clients

Green Moutain AS have clients across a wide spectrum of industry sectors. Clients include the largest bank in Norway and the largest IT company as well as oil companies and managed service providers.


“At DNB we are very pleased that we chose Green Mountain as our data centre partner. The data centres’ robustness and quality are unique and thus meeting our rigorous and critical data centre requirements as Norway’s largest bank. We have no hesitation in highly recommending their data centres to anyone requiring high quality and cost effective solutions.”    

Øyvind Trangerud, EVP of Technology and Supplier Management

For references and further details please contact us.

Robust design, no downtime for your critical IT

In the technical section we explain in detail how robust the data centres are physically and from a mechanical and electrical infrastructure perspective. These reasons include:

  • Cooling and electrical equipment is duplicated and can be maintained without servers being effected.
  • Simple robust cooling solution because there are few components to fail
  • Multiple grid power supplies and automatic stand by generators
  • We offer Service Level Agreement of 99.982 – 99.999% uptime.


We have 2 data centres in the Green Mountain group. DC1-Stavanger is located just outside Stavanger on the south-west coast of Norway on an Island, connected to the mainland by road/tunnels. DC2-Telemark is on the edge of the town of Rjukan. It is 2 hrs by car from Oslo international Airport and there is a small airport within 30 minutes It is in the heart of hydro generation in Norway with multiple hydro power stations within the near vicinity.


Green Mountain AS have unique taxation offerings:

  • Green Mountain have agreed with Taxation Authorities an arrangement that secures, provided correctly structured, that the offering is classified “a service” and can be invoiced directly to foreign clients without VAT, this also removes any risk of further taxation in Norway (details on request).
  • There are no additional CRC/carbon  payments on the electricity bill in our data centres.
  • Green Mountain pays no business rates. This cost is usually passed on to tenants by other providers consequently there are potentially thousands of € /£/$ in savings for our clients.