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Green Mountain is pleased to announce that due to continued demand from tenants, the company has already the building of a second high security energy efficient data centre.

– We have been working on this exciting new development over a period and the centre will be operational in May next year so we have no time to loose! The first phase of the build out has already started, says Knut Molaug, CEO of Green Mountain.

– This new development is a direct result of customer requirements and our market lead strategy. Many of our clients have requirements of a second or  alternative site operating in conjunction with our present high security underground site near Stavanger, he added. Each centre will have the capability to act as a both main or secondary site for the other, as such this new capability significantly strengthens our offering in the market place.

Powered by renewable hydro electricity Green Mountain continues to enhance their green credentials. The launching of a highly efficient data centre at Rjukan which is one of the centres of hydro generation in Norway combined with its cool climate, further strengthens the company philosophy of operating “the greenest data centre in the world”. The close vicinity to the multiple hydropower generators secures minimal transfer losses and extraordinary high power stability and resilience.

– Our plans include a major investment of about €70 million over the coming years to establish a large data centre at Rjukan which has the potential to become the new Quincy, a new European data centre hub with no carbon emissions’ Mr. Molaug concludes.


NOTES ON THE REGION : Rjukan is one of the cornerstones in the Norwegian industrial history. Norsk Hydro built their first large production factory of fertiliser here in 1911, based on the abundant availability of hydro power.

Rjukan also became well known during the second world war, when the German occupants set up production of heavy water (D2O) in the race to establish nuclear capability. The sabotage action that destroyed the factory has been filmed several times. Lately Rjukan has become known because of a new development – their sun mirror. The valley has several months of the year without sunlight due to the spectacular steep mountainsides blocking for the sun. Now they have installed a mirror on the mountainside securing sunlight to the town square during winter.